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  • i'm sorry that i have been brushing you off in our mach...i have not at all been able to accsess serebii for a long time...so i'll call my DQ...sorry to have you wate for my DQ...
    xD It'll be fuuuuun. They'll just draw mustaches and goatees on you while you're passed out. x3 I'm looking forward to my 18th - I'm one of the first of my friends, as I'm an october baby. x3

    And I like that thought. :3 Go ahead!
    Another brit! :3 I just like staying up unhealthily late. It is half term, after all.

    Thank you for posting your sign-up and the roleplay is up! A couple hours later then I said I would do it, but the americans don't know that. *cackles*
    The roleplay is finally about to set off - I'll be posting it tomorrow, and am just doing an activity check. My apologies for the delay- completely my fault. xD Check out our cafe thread for the final plot point, and get your sign-up form complete. x3
    dude i am so sorry that this is happening, my serebii link is not working at all...sorry i just can't get serebii. when i get a conection i will post again, but please say that i'm not giving up, i just need to get connection...

    i'm so sorry...
    x3 Correct! You can guess where we are going to go from there. *squishes*

    And woot! Thank you, I was worried the sign-up thread was dying. It's fine, no worries - I know what it's like. Hope your exams went well. x3
    OWP is free to switch, but his Pokemon is considered KOed as a result, hence Switch = KO.
    Well actually, it's now looking like you're with me. Raiyne and Ryan are with Ghaerlli, Meryllo is with Soran, George is with Zearen, and Gyukles is doing his own thing. Normally i try and encourage you guys to work this stuff out amongst yourselves, but I suppose in light of this I'll start delegating even more now.
    i am having trouble with the loading of the forums, so sorry. i can't get things to load up so i can't post. give it some time...i'm so sorry, i'm trying to find the problem...
    Well, it was like that for me too. I don't know why, but some people start and then figure its not for them. If you want matches that'll last, you'll need to battle some of the more permanent members like me.
    As far as I remember, you have already attacked for the round, so you'll just need to post saying the DQ is on and I'll free round it for you
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