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  • hey light see you were on yesterday :3 how you going how everything going with you and sarah is it still strong? I knew you guys were tight before you left serebii for awhile and closed up your art shop.
    I'm doing pretty good. I haven't been doing anything too interesting recently—school, music; my usual stuff.
    thank you and yeah i heard about the new one coming there very interesting games :) also wow really :eek: nah your still the really good no matter what to me ~light ^_^ you were my favorite artist when i came to serebii...i still have and saved banners you made a long time ago ;) I also have been your biggest fan for the longest time when i discovered your art shop :) you were my inspiration to make banners which I try my best to make people happy on serebii...I have the latest version now CS6 so i have alot more brushes now to work with and stuff ;) i just wish i could get some design classes in but sadly i don't have much money to go back to school :/ i am a artist outside of serebii though i do mostly traditional art :p but problem is i have a hard time getting my other art uploaded on DA.
    that is great ^_^ im doing alright actually just been doing alot of banner making mostly my shop is still going pretty strong too :) and busy as can be on serebii and as for my life im doing alright just busy mostly with work boyfriend is mostly just started playing the assassin creed games...he went through the first one...I know how much you like that game ^_^ i remember your banners you made >.>
    hey light i see you were on yesterday XD hope you and sarah's life is doing alright and stuff ;) this eeveelover824 changed my name as well...
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