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  • great thought i'd run into some one like you. i would have said that two months ago...

    thanx for putting up with my advertising.
    Yo Will, Happy Birthday man, have a nice day and don't forget to bring some cake to SPP.

    “Your Birthday is a special day, one that's just for you, a time for doing everything, you have always wanted to do...”
    no to me his personality annoy me. and the fact that the writer thought best he get Gible and yet in the tag battle he not even using IT.
    yeah I know.

    yeah though Ash or any of his friend have never use it and the last time someone teleport and that was Mira.

    though Dark are on par with Psychic that another reason both have a high stat in a attacking and low defense stat in the other.

    Dragon I agree but really then why use Gible get line? just like I thought Ash was never met to get it and I never got my hope up. but it annoys me so much.

    and btw Max > geek guy. I never really got annoy with Max but this geek guys annoys me.
    but Ground has a major loss and that speed.

    Psychic can use teleport.

    Steel for their High defense.

    Dark for the attack power. and remember Brock had Crobat and that line is also a common with Evil team so the evil part is wrong.

    Dragon because their stats and move set. you saw how Dragonite and Garchomp in the anime. How they alot of trouble.
    though I have to agree I glad if it shipping as Shipping is really fanbase so that mean the writer do know what we do or like. you have to agree.

    um well Mamoswine is slower and has the weakness to grass and Jame mostly use Vine wipe. and remember Contest battle =/= Gym/normal battle.

    but yeah Really that geek guy starting to get on my nerves.

    Though There a good reason why, Dark, Steel and Dragon are to powerful. and Psychic because of Teleport. that why.

    though I wish they show Riley and Mira one more time before the next saga in the battle frontier. compare to Cheryl they only got one episode.

    btw I start a TP shipping thread.

    I annoyed after 11 or so year Ash still hasn't caught a Dragon, Psychic, Steel or dark type pokemon.

    and shock I thought Dawn would have lose to a random battle but I guess having the type weakness to Grass could be a major factor in her loss.

    btw I haven't really seen the Episodes but I read about them on bulbagarden.

    yeah you?
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