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Lightning Dragon

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  • Reminder Non-Flighters; Sign up for April will be more than likely next week, as right now we are running through the Mistral Jamboree for the Wind Flight.

    Again, if you join Flight Rising, join Lightning. Or I will kill you and your family.
    Hehe, I can believe that from you. I'll stick with video games though! :p

    Geology huh? I wish you good luck! But hey, I'm pretty bad at math too. I like know the theory, but I just don't know what to do when 'story sums' appear. >_< I wanna get into video game development, or something economic-wise.
    You caught me early in the morning :3

    [ I'm quiet too. Rarely say two words IRL tbh.

    We can both be weird :)


    You're welcome :)]
    The suspicion of the person i have been talking to over facebook of being my half blood sister...

    is true. Yes!!!!!!!!
    [ How rude of me not to say this sooner :3]

    Thanks for accepting the friend request and Happy Easter :)
    FLIGHTLESS FRIENDS. Come one, come all; to the amazing dragon website, FLIGHT RISING!

    Join one of the 11 flights; wind, water, fire, light, ice, Lightning(we are the best), plague, earth, shadow, arcane, nature! Breed dragons to get your prefered genes, and most of all, you get to interact people who are really fun!

    Join Lightning Flight when April registration arrives or I will kill all of you
    All I know is you have to do it a way this site doesn't like someone told me a few years ago and she is gone :/ I would go to smogon and ask these questions rnging is pretty dead now sadly :/ I can help the other things but I can't really say how to do that other wise you can't rng for a shiny yet until you get that secret id for your game for black and white.
    do you know your secret id? that is the major thing for rnging shinies on black and white and for hg/ss its a pain to rng shinies you have to id abuse for that.
    hey there sweetie and yes it is still possible but there is a different way to get your sid now since pokecheck is dead which is against serebii rules can't talk about here on the forums but tbh most things really don't have to be rnged much anymore since breeding is super easy now and on top of it its possible to get 5 iv legendaries by soft reseting(well regular form not shiny) and on top of it all rngs now are not allowed in vgc's at all they have to be kalos/oras born now if you want to to tournaments. If not your fine :3 if you still want to rng I don't mind helping out with stationaries,events and breeding. I never finished on wild encounters yet ;)
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