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Lightning Dragon

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  • Exactly. Why do you do this? You told me you're not here to talk to friends much. So what's your reason? I'm disappointed, you know?
    I'm doing the same but I've been getting so many males and so few females it drives you nuts after a while. the 4iv Cyndaquil and the 5iv Murkrow are ready though, so whenever things are ready on your end let me know.
    SO I have to ask, I keep getting 4iv female Cyndaquil and frankly its annoying trying to get a 5iv one. SO, would you be willing to take a 4iv one instead and one of the pokemon you trade me be only 4ivs as well? I don't really care which one. Just let me know, cause breeding is getting old fast xD
    Well the reason I backed off was because her, her brother and I were all in the pool and her brother actually asked if we were a thing. She said that no because I'm not her dating type and because it'd ruin our friendship. I don't know if she really meant it because she may have been embarrassed to admit it in front of her brother if she does like me back, but it kind of scared me. I guess I'll wait till next time.
    No worries. Saves me closing it (you vm'd me when I was asleep, haha). Nice of your dad there!
    Ouch >.< unless you're 100% sure it's your charger, I'd get your Nintendo's battery checked too. I've had a few die on me
    Yes its in a Luxury ball, but only females can pass it on. Currently the only perfect one I have is male. I don't mind breeding a female, I've been trying anyway xD
    Hello. My friend noticed you couldn't get your request fulfilled in that art shop and decided to see if maybe he could help. He came up with
    There's no text cause he doesn't have access to his regular software so maybe you can find someone to put the text you want. assuming you like it enough to use it that is.
    Meant to ask you, I have been getting perfect MALE Cyndaquil, so I wanted to know if you wanted a male or female, cause otherwise I will need to breed a female.
    Well, high school is figuratively right around the corner for me, I wonder if I'll like it. Everyone says it's a great time of your life, but I don't quite believe it.

    On another note, boyfriend issues? That's practically my entire circle of friends right now tbh, they've all been asking me for advice since I'm like their only friend that's a boy... I've actually been thinking of how to ask a certain someone out, but can't quite figure it out. I guess issues is the right word.
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