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Lightning Dragon

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  • Lesson for the day: Don't grab any chargers by the prongs if they're still plugged in. You'll electrocute yourself (I just did)
    No problem, if you have any more questions feel free to ask me or post in the questions thread in the competitive section.
    Took me a little while, but I realized you do have a mon I don't have, Poliwag :3 So, are you willng to trade Cyndaquil and Murkrow for Poochyena and Poliwag?
    Hey there, I saw your trade shop and wanted to ask if you needed some things donated to help out? I have a bunch of different special ball mons and egg move mons I could breed for you if you need the help?
    forgot to message you back well tbh I think that still isn't good for the smudge banner type which not very good pictures I could try to use soooo hmmm I can keep trying to find something that is in color and looks good that isn't da.

    well like this would be fine and I can add a moon to the background for you


    the image has to have a solid white or black background for me to edit it out to work which alot of the wolf images are just all solid black as the picture itself and the pretty good color ones are wallpapers ._. the banner type you picked will be hard one of what you picked as a image.
    Yeah, special Tyranitar used to be decently popular in old gens but it's sort of lost favor to physical sets these days. Some run a lure set with something like Ice Beam to hit incoming Landorus-T but beyond that they tend to be fully physical these days. Staraptor on the other hand can't really afford to run special sets since 50 SpAtt isn't doing much, and unlike Tyranitar it doesn't actually have any good STAB options on the special side.
    Let me know ^^

    I was into competitive play awhile back too so unfortunately I already have a good stock of BR pokes >.<
    Will someone please trade me a Luxury Ball female Starly? I have a Female Poochy on GTS now that hasn't been traded off yet for one :/
    Sounds good ^^ my trade ratio for bank balls to events is 4:1 for a flat female bank ball poke. The pricing varies if you want specifics like a certain nature, IV spread, or eggmoves
    I actually do ^^ I was into rare breeding and collected a wide variety of balls, HAs, and eggmoves. I think my list is a few pages back in the bank ball forum. Unfortunately my focus is mostly on Event pokes now.
    Alas, I am not. D: On the main page of the forums, if you scroll all the way down, you'll find a link titled "View Forum Leaders." That will direct you to this page, which will give you a full list of who mods what. I'm not sure who would be the best person to talk to for whatever you'd need a competitive mod for, but probably a good place to start would be Miror.
    Hi, I would like to ask if the pokemon you breed are french?.. because you wrote "French Y offerings" on your trade shop..
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