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  • Sorry pal I'd be happy to change it normally but the amount of effects I put onto that banner mean I'd have to pretty much start again to make it look good. Also would you mind giving me credit for it? Thanks.
    :D, AWESOME! Your a fan of R/S/E Remakes!!!! Me too :D. I sure hope that is their plan for next year.
    He told me the same thing before. But the best thing to do is just wait. Even if we anticipate and hype like crazy fangirls, we'll never know what GameFreak will throw us.
    I don't think I can make your banner with the pokemon swimming/flying, I can do you a normal banner with the Pokes you mentioned on a beach backing though if you like?
    Saw you stood up to Razor bout the whole cloud thing. Someone standing up to staff for once, you've earned my respect.
    Games never give hints about future games. Typically, things people derive as hints are not actually hints. If anything, Black 2 & White 2 prove that there won't be Hoenn remakes
    Which is guessing and assuming.
    Oh well, we'll see how it goes.
    If some Mod closes it, may I do the "I told you so"-dance?
    Then it has to be official, if not, it is just mere guessing.
    Very well, my bad.
    Shiny, I was exploring art shops.... and let me tell you, DONT try Brutaka's Fly High Request Shop. There is a waiting list, and it takes VERY long to get in. It could take a week and a half for your banner. Because of his "waiting list". And he denies ALOT. Just telling you cause I know u like art shops.
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