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  • So... you haven't been on in a while. Schade and I posted in Broken Fairy Tale. I didn't mention your character because I wasn't sure if I should or not... You're character can make your appearance any time.
    Our characters wouldn't have to be best friends or anything, but at least know each other enough that we can properly interact with one another.

    She also acts like a big ditz around the Princess, being that she has such a huge crush on her.
    Well, that took a different turn. :p
    Yeah sure.

    Although I still haven't decided what kind of prince or princess they're going to be yet.
    Nanalan haunts the deep corners of my mind. It played all the time here.

    Also oh my god??? I didn't know what sound it made and I just keep laughing at that video. Why is that a thing, it's almost as bad as Zapdos' anime cry.
    ... okay fair. Fair. You can hug everyone to death.

    I'm not crazy about Regigigas and i assume others always feel the same way.
    Also, as an aside. If you're iffy about normal I'd be fine with you taking water, the person who it's pending for has not edited their sign up in almost 3 weeks and was very not understanding about the edits I asked them to make.
    It's from an avatar maker/dress up game


    You have to make an account and while editing your avatar you can scroll to almost the bottom and you'll see a big button that says "what if I had all the items" and from there you're good to go.
    Hello Lilcipher, you Fizzy Bubbles application is missing something before it can be considered.

    Thank you for showing interest in our community, you are welcome to stop by our Discord Channel.
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