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  • -Lillie-
    Hi! Currently playing Detective Pikachu at the moment. I must say that I’m surprised how different it is from anything I’ve seen in Pokemon and I’m really enjoying it. If you are on the fence about getting the game, I recommend it for anyone who loves the anime and wants to see something original in the Pokemon world.

    *starts playing again*
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Cool. It sounds fun :)
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Hi Lillie :)
    The answer to your question:....Its gonna have to be N.

    N's the pokemon character I think i'm by far the most like.

    Even if Korrina is my overall inspiration. Cuz she's the prettiest bravest sweetest thing ever :D
    I'm not sure i could choose another character over her. She's like.....one of a kind to me. Also, she's one of my rare female crushes. I haven't been interested in other females so much before getting into her. That.....also makes her rather one of a kind to me.

    I would like to try skating and ask about it one day, but I shouldn't rush. If i ask my mom some stuff before i'm ready to handle the idea of them, it could lead to trauma. And that could hurt my feelings for korrina for me, too, and that could be very troubling. I know I have been very prone to meltdowns and high stress in the past. I may want to take the skating thing sloooooowly. I think I will know when i'm ready to talk about it :)

    And thanks. Those games really do bother me. The disney worlds are pretty, though, but my traumatic memories would probably keep me from playing them again overall. Its kind of like chimchar's memories with paul. I've compaired my going from my favorite kh character to korrina as like when chimchar went from paul to ash. Chimchar seemed a lot happier with ash too :)

    I relate to chimchar. It went through bullying that made it afraid of certain pokemon, too, and there was this girl who bullied me that made me TRAUMATIZED of the sound of the word h*te, which i'm not over yet, by the way, and also very freaked out over the idea of anyone disliking cute things.
    Don't play kingdom hearts.......i've dealt with fans of that series and they are scary people. That whole series peeves me pretty much.

    Pokemon's the best^^

    I was talking about roller skating with my friend earlier, haha xD

    Apperently, i find learning to skate one of the scariest things o.o; yep, me, korrina's number one fan. Thats.....kinda interesting.

    I guess I gotta take this at face value.

    I have autism. I want to avoid drama.

    I do want to get over my fears, though. I find fear crippling. Maybe learning to roller skate, cuz the idea scares me, would help me with other fears?

    I suppose i'll sleep on all this. I don't want spring time to end up stressful or unhappy for me, though, should anything too triggering could happen...

    I just want a peaceful life. I do know, though, fear has gotten in the way of my peace.

    Korrina is indeed a very interesting crush for someone like me o_o;;; seriously.....
    Its been awhile since we've talked! :3 wasn't sure what to talk about xD

    I hope you are well.

    What games besides pokemon do you fan over? :3
    I'm just a little too obsessive over her xD She sweats a lot, she probably smells kinda stinky....like cheese or something.....

    I am awful. Haha.
    Hello ^_^ A friend of mine that wasn't online for months came back online today :D

    I'm glad she's doing good.

    Also, i've came to the conclusion that korrina probably smells like cheese xD
    I understand :3 i just like collecting pokemon games^^

    I look forward to my first valentines day with my crush on korrina :D I want to daydream all kinds of cool stuff^^
    No, she wasn't taking a break. She had this friend who was often very catty to me, and i think she eventually turned her against me. It hurts to talk about it...

    I want rowlet when i get stars, if i ever get stars. :p

    Pokemon battles are fun. I like daydreaming battling with korrina a lot :3 We've also battled each other without pokemon before xD She's a marshal artist anyways.
    *sigh of releif* Glad you answered my vm. I was starting to think i upset you and you didn't want to talk to me O-o;; sadly, in the past, there were people like that in my life.....one was also a member here one time ago :/

    I love online battling. I should do it on ultra moon one day^^

    What starter did you use? I used litten, and i love its whole line. Its probably the best fire starter i ever used^^
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