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  • I think it's better than the Xillias but worst than Vesperia, abyss, symphonia and Graces
    Yeah, it was a good game. A little dated though. When Senran game you getting?
    Yeah, I got that too. I haven't beaten it yet though. Been busing playing Legend of Dragoon and Senran Kagura 2
    It's not out yet in English. Not until early next year. I'm gonna buy the LE from IF
    Really? After the Xillia's they hype isn't there me so much. I'm still getting it but I already know of the issues with the Japanese version like the whole alisha thing and dlc mystic artes so I hope the game pays off
    Well i like people to know and friend to know so no one get confused about my gender specially if someone see my Youtube channel and see i sound like a guy even i'm not really am well i was born in a male body However i'm a female inside with a girl mindset and all,
    But anyway gender issues aside what's do you like mostly about Pokemon, The game, or anime or card game or what's, ^^
    Yeah, I kinda glanced at her page and seen the posts.
    The Senran games are freaking great. Only thing that's censored are the ages, they were just removed for obvious. Other than that, the games are exactly the same. I also got Nep U, played a few hours but haven't gotten around to beating it yet
    You said that the last time. You're not better, you'll never be better. I learned that with my own stupidity of going back. I have done more fun stuff, saved money, and lost weight in less than a month compared to the time I have been with you and your toxic relationship. I don't have to worry about scrounging for money just for a polar pop, I can afford a sub if I wanted and still have $30-40 by the next paycheck, and that's while going to the movies or an amusement park earlier that same week. I have seen 3 movies this month; three. I have gone to the beach. I indulged in German chocolate cake and mango vodka (didn't get drunk).

    What have I got from you? You took my virginity away along with my valuables, the trailer my grandfather bought with his money, you terrorized any cat we had, which I was able to save and find a home for Bobby; a loving home where he is not beaten with a broom or cane. He is not starved for being rightly afraid of you. He's going to have a happy life. Now do you have any idea how hard it was to let him go? He was my baby. I loved him dearly. I'll never see him again. But I did what was best for him.

    I moved in with you as an unbearably naive 21 year old girl. I had so many videogame consoles collected from my childhood. I leave as an intelligent, strong 25 year old woman. You took my possessions, but you'll never take me back.
    First off, how the **** can you still VM me if you're blocked, second, **** your friendship. You abused me in every way. Where do you get the Gaul to ask me if we can still be friends? Never mind don't answer that. Just don't talk to me EVER again.
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