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  • And Merry Christmas....... Any wish for the day too?

    They said that 21st Dec is the end of the world because its the last day in the Mayan Cycle of 5125 years, and the end of each cycle before this is a big disaster. So this is the start of a new Mayan Cycle of 5125 years, whats your hope for these 5125 years?
    So, 2012 December 21 has past, and it signals the start of a New Mayan Cycle, any wish for the new Cycle?
    Haha, thanks. I kinda like to let everyone who might need my help know if I'm online or not.

    That, or I'm too lazy to change it. Either way.
    Oh stop it :) the page wouldn't load on my phone. Been busy with work and things for the Xmas season. Plus got my butt kicked in this wifi tourny. It snuck up on me and my good stuff team hasn't done too well
    There is not. There is one every April and every October, but you missed it, so you'll have to wait until April.
    >Implying I'm whining
    >Implying I actually give a ****

    The only reason why I'm still replying at this point is because you tempt me to reply by insulting me. Also, explain to me how I don't have any common sense.
    You're missing the point.

    You took it to VM, and now you're complaining that I'm posting my thoughts here. I don't know about you, but I definitely see something wrong here.
    Yeah, but like I said, I just like expressing my thoughts, that's all. Is there anything wrong with that?

    lol I'm not worried. Hell, I've been banned before for replying to spam constantly. I can easily deal with 1 infraction point.
    Oh, excuse me, did you want me to just keep my mouth shut so you could still feel superior? Tough luck.

    And not being part of the original argument doesn't mean I can't express my thoughts on it. And hell, I don't care either. You can count the ammount of f​ucks I'm giving on an amputee's fingers. I just like saying what's on my mind.
    But me and Un0va weren't trolling. We were actually pointing out things that you said and did. We were pointing out facts and pointing out facts is not trolling.
    Fine, I'll just reply to you here.

    If arguing with people that I deem as stupid is trolling for you, then get out. I have no other way of saying this. If you can't deal with disagreement, then a forum is the last place where you should be, unless you like to make an as s of yourself.
    Yeah, I actually bought it like 3 days ago and just held on to it. Played for like 30 before going to sleep. It's gonna be a little hard getting used to the battle system after marathoning Phantasia, Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia like I did.
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