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  • Hey. I think I woke up with Laryngitis. :/ I can still talk but it's very hard to understand. Hopefully you'll come online soon to see this.

    I think I got it because I was coughing like crazy last night.

    So... I'll have to talk to you here or on Nintendo Pals. Probably NP because there's less lag, but ya know.

    Love you.
    I read what you wrote, incoherent as it may be, and I responded by saying that if you made a thread for people to discuss the Wi-Fi aspects of the game, you should've made it in the Wi-Fi subforum.

    Sorry for going off topic here, but do you have asperger's synrome?
    3) You failed to realize that the thread was geared towards people who played the game to the end made a wifi-team and wanted to battle, so when some baffoon comes and says "i have a better idea lets turn into a debate on how crummy the game is" with crap thats not even true about it. Ya I think I have the right to get annoyed.
    If that's the case, then you should've made the thread in the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection section. It's there for a reason. And opinions cannot be proven false, so any debating we do in the thread is perfectly A OK.

    Also, the Nintendo section mods generally ignore abuse reports if it's filed by the person who made the thread. Just a little heads up.
    So I got a battle that I won 4-0, but once again when I tried to upload it, it said something was wrong with my pokemon.

    The people who helped me EV some of them must have screwed up. And I don't have THAT many Pokemon to use.
    So sorry, I can't provide videos.
    Brawl+ is a hacked version of brawl+.
    It is at least twice as fast as regular version brawl.
    You can edit music / characters as u wish.
    3 new stages, COMPLETELY NEW
    bigger character selection screen

    My opinions: brawl+ > pkmn + regular brawl combined. dude I have the most fun on it. I can show u pictures / how to get it sometime. heading on wifi ;D
    yeah thats enough lc for today.. I now officially relize that i made this team way too fast.. maybe we could brawl? do u have brawl+?

    ;_; thats 3 losses, congratz u beat a total of 90 levels in pokemon.. ;]
    lol, i always thought that ur electa-whatever was scarfed ;_; that fked me up so badly..
    fun matches, im on wifi for a double lc ;] maybe.
    okay dude ;_; it took serebii ONLY 20 minuites to load, relax.
    i cant battle right now, ill be ready by 2, srry.
    Im staying home sick today T~T soar-*** throat.. it hurts like hell.
    my teams just about done jsyn.
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