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  • im still alive, i just never come here anymore. :(

    i mean literally, i hadnt logged in here for like 3 months at least. :p

    and i probably wont log in for another three months. but its ok. heya again!
    i liked the team that i faced first cus i was able to kill it with pikachu. kinda ha.

    no the staraptor team was cool cus its nice to see staraptor
    the wifi thing won't let me back in!

    it was getting good too. ok we can finish tomorrow(i mean today) if you have time. im sleepy anyways

    i'll be up by 1 pm probably haha but yea right now i get full bars but then i keep etting dc'ed. sorry about that. i'll kill ur team tomorrow
    hahahhahahaha how are you gonna mod a mod!?!?! hahahhahahahha

    all right i still have the same pokemon and stuff

    i'll go online right now but if you're not there i'll keep on checking here and on wifi every 15 min. im wasting time until this soccer game starts; it starts at 3. so no battle from 3-5 lol

    but after yea or from now until then (3)
    Sorry, my internet connection went, and when that goes on my computer it messes up the wii's connection, I managed to get back on but you went off just as I got back on, do you want to go back on for one more battle?

    Edit:Sorry, it's too late for me now, need to get some stuff done, I'd happily have some more battles next week though.
    Going on now, I'll have about 2/3 battles, need to have a shower. Also is the FC in your sig the right one?
    Sorry, been a bit busy today, studying for VGC. Anyway I've only got a OU team at the moment (creating UU, NU and LC teams soon) but it works in both singles and double so I'm don't mind either way, my FC is in my sig. I'll invite as well. See ya online.
    Hey, any chance we can do you battle tomorrow (sunday) as after tomorrow I'm gunna be busy and I'm not going to be as active for about 2 weeks. I do have the weekends off though. It would just be helpful if we got it done tomorrow.
    Believe me I've been working on it and I've talked to them. I know how to run clans, I've run them plenty of times before with great success but I still appreciate the..."advice".

    Anyway I'll try and finish the war up sometime soon and tell GM to start contacting Bulldogs and I'll do the same
    Whatever I've talked to shadow now and just so you know, I don'/t go around peoples profiles looking for information on things you guys would've been talking about and it is his fault for not telling me any of this so yes, I am sorry for that. But the post was still relevant and while it may have "tried to make you look bad" it didn't matter either way considering there was no way I could have known that he was dealt with without stalking his profile. It did not make us look bad whatsoever since we didn't do anything wrong.
    Also quit acting like our clan is garbage when it is no way like that. We're new and we're working bugs out. As I've said I have dealt with shadow since he was the main cause of all this. I will get my battle done with tyde whenever I see him on.
    Finally I will not apologize for my "ignorance" since I had none. I was basing everything off of what I saw not by stalking through profiles.

    PS: If you decide to report me to Goketsu I could really care less since I'm hanging by a thread anyway. In the end I will just be leaving serebii once my clan goes
    He did have a right actually since it could be considered cheating. And also, dont be saying **** in a pissy way about the brother thing because how was I supposed to know, I'm sorry about that but don't be mad for me saying we're winning if thats how he won.

    Also, I'm fine with you posting that as spam since I said not to post anything like that afterwards so it was his own fault
    Alright, Team Inzanzi is a complete joke, i wonder if their members even knew about the war sometimes, not to mention their leader getting banned half way throw the war, i mean who puts a member in that only goes on osl xat, not trying flame but they need to get their act together. blah anyway:
    If we're a joke then why are we winning. Don't be saying stuff like this especially since it's not our fault the battles aren't getting done. That whole thing with battling Tyde was useless considering no one else even got there war battles done anyway. And if your trying to say that it's our fault for the timezones it's not especially since when I suggested the lineups you agreed and didn't ask about timezones at all. Now don't be saying **** like that when you have no good support to back it up =)
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