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  • I'm not mad. Remember I told you about getting up for my new job at 4am, well when I get home I've very tired lol. I've been sleeping for like the last eight hours.

    Thanks, I will when I get up. :)

    It has that dungeon and dragon feel. It's grind heavy, something about it.
    Yes, they can be borrowed (or similar) from something else -- the difference is that it isn't done intentionally, which is probably why "copied" is a more widely accepted term for similarities like that, intentional or otherwise (though it also has a very accusatory tone). Do you think that the creators of Pokemon thought to themselves, "Oh, that Megami Tensei looks cool, let's base our game off that idea!" (I have nothing to support that they did, but many folks would say that there was some copying going on -- I've met some of those people, too.)

    Also, I did play Paper Mario, but that was years ago, so my memory is shot on it. I also didn't like it very much. But thank you anyway.
    Explain why this is different from a gameplay stance. That still sounds exclusively like a matter of background that doesn't affect how the game differs in terms of play. Also, in Pokemon, they are still helping you defeat the enemies, and of their own volition.

    Additionally, why does the developer matter? If it had been made by someone else and remained "intentionally and directly influenced" by the same influences, would that actually matter?
    Your explanation states "[...] and his helper that can be switched out at your will depending on what strategy you need." Your response emphasizes that you are playing "as mario with a helper." Are you implying that who you play as specifically matters more than the systematics itself? Would not Pokemon be identical in terms of gameplay mechanics if the only difference were that you played as the leader of your party? Again, the argument is over gameplay.
    Why do you not believe you need to explain yourself?

    Your first point sounds a lot like Comix Zone -- granted, I think that was far more controlled than the Paper Mario series, because it was on the Sega Genesis instead of the N64/later and more powerful systems. The first also sounds like, well, every monster-raising RPG ever where you can have multiple partners... which were a good ten years old by that point.

    As for my point -- you're basically right, in that platformer-based RPGs do predate the game, though, so you kind of have me there, but that doesn't make Paper Mario original in that sense.
    Why don't you explain your side, then, and show how "nothing in the core mechanics of" the Paper Mario series was borrowed from other sources?
    My last post wasn't supposed to back up my argument in any meaningful way. That was the point.

    I deleted anyway, because it's not worth derailing the thread any further.
    I've actually seen them for 25 in some GameStops. Going have to go searching when I get paid.
    A new one cost too much and the used one are probably going to break like my one one did.
    Hehe, I'm excited. Somewhat. I couldn't find the older version so I had to get the Slim. Which isn't backwards compatible with PS2 games. I'm a little bummed about that.

    I'll you one I make it, just in case it's taken already(and I haven't fully decided)
    My new job has me waking up early to be there by 4am. I finally have off today but I still woke up early lol.
    You might say I like rpgs any questions? lol
    How many trucks full of memory cards do you need to store all those? That's quite a selection. Are all the Final Fantasys direct ports of their original releases or remakes?
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