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    Unless of course you dont like jrpgs then you are right there is no reason lol
    PSP Library in it's entirety as of 12-11-12:
    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
    Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
    Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin collectors edition
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

    i only assumed you had a ps3 cuz you were talking about persona 3
    But that's originally a PS2 game. I recommended JB it because (according to him) the PS3 he ordered will be his only Sony console.
    Where is a Nekomata from?

    I heard things ranging from meh tp okay about Star Ocean 4. I'll have to see.

    I really need to get into the Disgaea series.
    Sad Panda
    That hentai general-purpose image-hosting sites? What of it?

    you should set one up its easy :3
    I can't really think of something I'd use it for though(on Playstation Portable anyway, if I had a PS3, I couldn't get one setup fast enough). I don't own a single multiplayer-focused game, and can't think of any downloadable titles I want.

    I might try Chrono Cross. I've played the last 4 Final Fantasys and didn't like them at all. I'm at the point where I think FF just isn't for me.
    It's supposed to come sometime this week. I'll check into those game once it does.
    It IS an online series!!!
    God, lets hope its story wont suck like WoW, every game got their story screwed after they go online.
    I think I may try it, if I did, my character name will be Mareepy lol
    Wow, FF14 actually allow you to make your own character? I am wondering what the original character of the Story look like

    EDIT: Wait, why do it strike me as an online series?
    I should say I am a big Warcraft lore fan, so I hate the game because they kill off Malyogs, my favourite Blue Dragon as they make up a story that he is driven mad by some freak and there is no setup at all before he went mad.... He simply went mad and the explanation is made up more like an excuse.
    But now I get a chance to crush Deathwing! I decided I should go face that Black Dragon atleast for once.
    I haven't played yet as I am still updating it, it takes hours.... wow is indeed a big game (in terms of computer space occupied)
    yeah, Ash is losing the League for sure ending only at top 8 as Kotetsu beat him with his Lucario. they say that the writers are rushing through the league for the N arc, its dull for sure
    Man, taken a view to the Anime Section of this forum, its simply dull and the people here are Oshawott fans, the Pokemon which I despise at the first glance to Gen 5, and he is nothing but a trouble maker and coward in the Anime, IDK why these people on this forum will like him.
    Well, the Anime Forum here is quite boring, so I am on Bulbagarden whole day, I'll try to open a tab on Serebii.
    More than fine, finished the year-end exam and is at home doing almost nothing but going online now.
    I think the only reason why i keep playing it so much compared to black is there's so much more to do compared to black. Once you beat b/w, you were basically done lol
    Ah, i finally got black 2 and i've been playing the crap out of it surprisingly, havent done that to a pokemon game in awhile xD
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