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  • I'll take these into consideration.

    I always replay my Tales lol. Vesperia took forever to 1000/1000.
    I'll look into it.

    Well I picked up Graces f, gonna play the hell outta of that and see where I go from there, I have a few games bookmarked but don't remember any from the top of my head.
    I haven't tried Magical Starsign but I am looking to get into the Golden Sun series. I did just order a PS3 so I can play some other games when it gets here.

    That cat must be having the wrong type of fun then lol.
    I have played Disgaea 1,2, Makai Kingdom and Phantom Brave. I want to try out the later disgaea sequels as well. I may want to try La Pucelle and Raphsody and it's sequels as well but they aren't high on my game to pla list.
    I am taking an exam, a big one.
    Besides, I quit Pokemon Online and Pokemon Showdown already. I am tired of seeing the same Pokemon over and over.
    I am active in bulbagarden forums thought, I'll try to be active on Serebii as much as I can :)

    Do you know N is appearing in the Anime? This is confirmed as its in the preview that they released. He is seen talking to Ash and his Pikachu.
    Totally. I don't hate Pokemon. That guy just gives very vague responses so I was just having a little fun.
    Huh, I wasn't actually aware of how that worked. I agree that preventing them from commenting sounds like a better solution. Either way, if this continues let us know.
    Thanks for the FR ^_^
    i used hitmonlee on my last play through so i decided to pick hitmonchan instead :p
    i'm currently on victory road..but my games has frozen in the middle game twice, when i was almost done with victory road
    yeah i used fillers as well like clefairy and paras because my team only had like two members, but i don't use them anymore
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