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  • I finished the first banner TUM... here it is :D
    before I proceed with the rest, I need to know if this one is good enough

    oh okay lol to me you guys seem kinda small like we use to be but its fine...hope you find to new leaders for those squads :) which ones are they? there like 7 eeveelutions lol...also I didn't put any sub list for you guys until it gets approved so when you got some subs ill just add them to the list and yes looking forward sweetie to the war :D
    well i cant wait to battle you:D
    to make the battle fair i'll tell you my type so that you too know what to expect
    And my type shall be.....
    alright sweetie i submitted the war thead just waiting for approval and we can start waring ;)
    I come on once awhile...trying to get my activity up but it's really hard with my schedule...lately when ever I'm on no one is. Anyway I'll be on again Sunday. Not sure what time...but pbr I haven't play for long time haven't been updating the team I have already. So I think the best way to play each other is PO. Let me know what tier so I can prepare for it. I usually play ou but let me know
    alright sweetie gunna be making the war thead now...sorry for such a long wait...we got our team together...also i see its gunna be a 5 vs 5 i normally do 7 vs 7 but its fine...you guys are small still so i understand...I use to be like that too...
    doing good watching a Resident Evil 4 walkthrough, and about to have pizza soon. XD

    How're you doing this evening :D
    I will try my best to create original bg's but if it turns out to ugly then I will resort to stock photos. ALso, come on the Xat plz
    I am sorry, but I just want all possible details before I begin working on something, its much better than you having to constantly correct me if I screw up ;)
    kk I gotcha, sorrry for delay, my douche teachers gave me three hours of homework starting from day one of school XD
    okay thats what i was planning in the first place is to use that banner in your opening...its fine we don't have a war banner as well either ;) If you feel like you need to provide them thats fine send them in a pm also send me your list in a pm as well cuaz the line up keeps getting pushed back in my vm's lol...
    honestly, i would help you, but im not doing clans atm and i probably would have to see how the clan runs and stuff before making any commitments =/ sorry bro
    lol nah thats not how i run in my war threads...I don't pair up people cuaz its a hastle to do and it cause alot of conflicts I see that battles are not getting done...If you know what I mean...I make it a free choice...I line up who does what on the sides of there name so the first person that challenges the other clan member from the opposite clan usually is that war battle...I make a free choice no pressure...also time differences suck too...so yeah...
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