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  • lol eastern time US...Im on at night when i don't work lol ad yeah i see you were on early when im on now lol...I never wake up that early lol...okay...
    sorry for the delay i may have to just make a call on the who will be the on the war team since the second round is getting know were...Ill try to start up the thread soon...sorry again...
    Sucks, didn't have a snow day today, and I have to go to a thing at the church next door tonight, so I'll let you know when I can.
    okay thank you ill make sure i get my war team up and ready as well...we still are little sluggish with the tourny lineup but it should be over soon...need to talk to my war captains...
    Hey, I think tomorrow if I have a snow day, I could go online for Smash Bros Brawl. I'll let you know.
    we already got our first round down we should have the line up soon after that we should be ready after that round need to cotact boby and lance our war captains to see how everything is doing..
    I'm Spiky :p
    okay sounds good my clan is having a small tourny for spots on the war team hosted by my captains so it should give us sometime and i can make up thread in know time when were both ready...my last thread got approved in one day so it shouldn't be any trouble :)

    Edit: oh thank you i made it myself the chi banner :) the userbar is from mew universe by sarah :)
    hey sweetie sorry get back to you were ready to war whenever your ready...all i need to do is reassemble our war team a bit...need to talk to the captians to see how the next line up for our war...just let me know when your ready and send me the line up i can make the thread if you like...if you want to make it its cool too :)
    i hear we TeG-nites are waring you next! after we finish(and start) our tourney to finish off the war team. gl to you, and wish me luck so i can participate in the war!
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