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  • ok can u challenge me cause i dont know how to challenge where its not just gunna show us the other persons team
    hello hows it going im the leader of TEG and were looking for a war...are you guys up for a war...first clan the responds we war :)
    Oh, that. <XD I meant in my head... Heehee. I wish it was perpetually cold here! >w< And GMT as in General Mountain Time. OwO

    Regarding the Xat... I'm not sure why, but for some reason my computer is refusing to launch it. o.o; I'm sorry... >~<
    Ah, I'm in Colorado, actually. ^w^ I just happened to glance at the bottom of the screen and it said GMT -7... and then I thought, "Wait a minute, what exactly did I type into that entry form? o_O". ^A^;
    Thank you very much for the squad adjustment. ^w^ 'Twas just what I needed!

    Oh, but... now that I look at it, I think I made a mistake on my tournament entry form. o.o; The timezone is supposed to be GMT -7 not EST -7; I'm sorry! >~<;
    No when I said terrible, I meant that I sucked like crap. I didn't think that I enabled items because I didn't change anything. I usually only play against computer opponents so I'm used to how they play. I'm really sorry I trolled you, that's really the only way I know how to play. Again, I didn't mean that it was really haxy, I was just bad at the game, which is what i meant by terrible. I was terrible.
    those battles were terrible. I normally play just final destination with final smash as the only item because that's the tournament standard i think. I never sidestep or block idk why and I don't have a classic controller. That last battle was pretty funny with the falco spamming. That was so much fun though it was worth it. Anyway, I hope you had a good birthday!
    Something to make you laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YersIyzsOpc. Listen carefully in the beginning because it is hard to catch what he's saying.
    >w< Um... May I ask a favor? To be honest, I feel rather silly about this... but I fear if I don't say something, I shall only continue to be bothered. u~u; I've been attempting to construct a good, Water-type Pokémon team for the tournament, but those little guys just aren't doing it for me. ´•.•` Ah, what I mean is... I miss my Ice-types. ^ ^; I had asked to be transfered to the Vaporeon squad because I wanted to try something new, but now I'm starting to regret it a bit. >w< So... if it's not too much trouble... could I be reinstated in the Glaceon squad? o~o
    Lol, I check the birthday lists every day actually, I have far too many friends to remember the birthdates of them all.
    Oh dear, my sincerest apologies... ´•.•` You're completely right I should've said something! >~< I'm not sure why I didn't; I'm terribly sorry about that. D: If the situation is under my control, I shall be sure to notify you from now on. >w< Though, I should tell you, on the occasion that I do disappear without warning, it's usually because of technical difficulties or some other unforeseen problem and, rest assured, I'll be back. ´^w^` Ah... and thank you very much for allowing me to rejoin. ´•w•`

    A tournament, you say? o.o Oh, how exciting! =D I'd love to participate, though I'm not entirely certain as to how it'll work. ^ ^; Anything I should know beforehand?
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