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  • Sorry about this delayed reply, but that sounds good, I'll get in contact with Serris asap for that banner. Any ideas on what it should say or should we just leave that up to him?
    Some names I thought of were:

    Trainers of Mt. Moon
    Trainers of Mt. Coronet
    and Waterstone Fortress

    As for your avatar and sig, I can't transfer them since the freaking library computers restrict copy/pasting....
    I love Ocarina of Time, it never gets old. I think Mario 64 is the only Mario game I ever beat. The other ones I failed at.

    Yeah! You can do it!!! Fighting!!
    Yeah certaintly has been a long time. So has been much going on with you? I've been hanging around gamespot and facebook posting there mostly and checking serebiiforums every so often. and playing games on PS3 GCN, and Wii. And looking for a job.
    hey i tried PO just now and its really nice to tryout your team...i just fought using my current team against someone who had 4 ubers on a ou battle and i won. not sure he's a newbie but it seems like he had some knowledge to play. just sharing with you and letting you know that i have PO now
    I know! Midna is awesome! I think I like wolf Link better then human Link...haha, wolves are so pretty. Yeah that game! It's just quests and you are a Pikachu! You have to make friends and do games. Mario is a classic, if someone doesn't like Mario then they have not taste in games. Old games are fun. The other day I was playing Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 for Nintendo 64 and I still like them. They never get old.
    thank you...i know you will be one of them to ask for help if i need it...and good luck with you and alicia. hope your clan will be up and running soon, cant wait to join.
    Ok sounds like a great idea, any ideas for when we should finish the sign up for it? I'd say maybe 2 weeks after I put up the thread.
    Lol, ditto. Except I'm going to play the Wii with my little brother before I clean my car which is dirty. Not messy, just dirty...
    Yeah that thing! Cool. I'll go to Best Buy soon then. I have to buy my brother headphones for his present anyways. xD He likes expensive things, he's going to waste all my money!! TT-TT
    yeah I still battle sometimes but I havent been keeping up with the LC metagame :( I could make a team just for you though =D
    Yeah. Do I have to buy a new wifi thingy if I don't have it anymore? Because I think my brother took it with him to college...
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