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  • So it would seem that I am, and thank you indeed, much obliged. That's rather a shame, though. Fantastic... you say? Humbug! Oh, but who might this mysterious individual be, I wonder? And have you really? Because I missed you too, mister flawless human being. C: To answer your question, I've been... ehm... more or less hibernating in my attic, generally avoiding social interaction altogether. All that exciting malarky. Yourself?
    I haven't yet. I just hit a save, i'll get right on that thanks.
    Just take a look and some of the more calmer threads. You just happened to post in "danger zone" threads. Where people should actually give a valid reason for their opinion and not just claim that it should be accepted because it's an opinion.
    That's cool, not everyone likes the same thing. But that game isn't something you'd normally see on a top 10 worst game list. Unova and Charizard are pretty cool people, it's just the that subforum has kinda had enough of Mugo. Not just that, but it brings out the worst in everyone tbh.
    I'm sure but this guy has called me various names on multiple occasions. Evey time he debates with someone, he resort to calling them bullies. What points he do make become invalid because he has a habit of raging and then typing rage post and deleting like nothing happen. I'm not mad, but I'm not going to let terrible post about generally liked games fly without some type of valid reason outside of it being "retardaly random".
    I'd also say it's for Spyro fans like me who aren't as deterred by a design change as others are. Or, someone who really likes mythical characters, also like me.
    Ah, that part. I have to agree with that to a certain extent. It's more of a money sink as much as it is as a time sink like most games, though you can buy as many or as few figures as you want for the game. It's more a game for children with parents that will buy them a little toy ever now and then, in my mind at least.
    Sorry, but those guys are making me so mad right now, I'm having a hard time controlling my online temper, but I deleted it. You're right, though. It will just make things worse.
    Ugh, no kidding.

    Also, they think I have no right to defend Skylanders because I never played it, despite that 95% of people I've met who hates Skylanders have also never played it. And you won't find any exceptions here at Serebii, apparently.
    I agree full-heartedly with you on Earthbound. It's not just the game itself, but the fanbase who seems to think that Earthbound is god-like and no one should be allowed to hate such a stupid game. JB and the people who posted in that thread are examples of that fanbase.
    I'm not saying you disliked it because of the ost. I'm just saying that it has a good one, even if there are better ones out there.

    I just finished the first two quest, I haven't had much time to play due to me having to study for a test I took today. Now with that stuff out of the way i'll be able to get in some serious game time tomorrow.
    Just because the soundtracks of other games were better doesn't mean that Earthbound's isn't good. The same could be said for FFXIII, in that just about every other JRPG released this gen had a better OST. Doesn't mean it still isn't good.
    i loved vesperia :p if u cant tell by my sig yuri is my favorite tales of character :p im so excited for xillia preordered it a month or 2 ago
    ah ya i see :p xillia combat system will be different to graces to im sure. and o ya i played the ps2 one
    Abyss haha but i still perfer its combo system alot more :p its so hard to get over a 100 combo on graces. so much more fun to get it on abyss
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