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  • Say, seen Sylveon? They new Flying typed Eeveelution. It dont have wings as most expevted but its design is pretty god :p
    Waiting to see its movepool.
    if you're talking about the combatants cup, I have 2 things to say:

    1: It has no actual relation to the guild, so there's no real reason to have it mentioned in the OP
    2: there's a link to it in my signature.
    I see. I wish PSN would just lower the price so I don't have to walk a distance lol.
    I see. PSN has it for 50$. But GameStop's site is saying 29.99. I think I'll check there before making any final decisions.
    That's good to hear, I don't have to search for it then. Do you need to play the first one to understand the second? Maybe i'll just watch a playthrough of the first.
    I'll try when I get paid on Friday. Can it bought on PSN and whats wrong with the first one?
    I'm serious. I know why I didn't get more points though.

    I need more PS3 games.
    I don't remember the exact part, but I know I was about 23 hours in. I just couldn't get into the battle system as all, or the story.
    I also need to geting to the Megami Tensei series. Sonic CD is great game. I might try some of older FF games. I never heard of Monster World or Parasite Eve.

    I can't really get past the battle system for FF 13, I want to but can't. I need get into Disgaea as well. I've heard mixed reviews about SO4 so I'm not sure if i'll try it or not.

    I actually keep meaning to get Hyperdimention, I even has a video favorited on my Youtube to remind me but I always forget. I get paid Friday, so I'll try to snag it then. Same with Mugen Souls.
    What'd you get? I've been thinking about looking into the Etrian Odyssey series.
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