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Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2020
Jul 11, 2012
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Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
The Underground

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Life Cheating Game, 21, from The Underground

Liltwick was last seen:
Mar 20, 2020
    1. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      *checks time* I'm goin to bed -_-
    2. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      Hmm.... I don't know....
      I still remember that time when you gave me a shot O_- That didn't go very well.
      .... Or I assume so, uh what happened then? *tries to remember* Did you make me drunk or something? Can you make someone drunk with a needle?
      ......................huh... something about a box... and a cat named Uri...
    3. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      what? No! It's super stale! And I already had burnt triple chocolate chip cookies! (which were still kinda good. And really crunchy >_> )
    4. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      Hmm.... *takes cake to the analyzer Plankton used to tell ingredients* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LCagXzuOTg
      Karen: Rainbow Cake. 50% Staleness, 49% Little/Curious Eevee's Secret Recipe, 1% Litwickfan11's/Lost(trademark)'s secret ingredient.
      Me: ...wait, what?
    5. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      *takes cake and examines it*
      .... Is it my recipe?
    6. ChintzySnail
      So. I kinda fell asleep shortly after I sent my VM to you. Rough busy long etc day made me tired...
      Maybe next time? Do we both have to be "live" for this to work?
    7. Curious Eevee
      Curious Eevee
      School, so much school and homework.
      *looks at cake* It looks stale...
      Wait, where did you get it?
    8. ChintzySnail
      Tell me how and we can do.
    9. ChintzySnail
      [tone="Yakuza Toughguy"]Yerr Goin' Down buddy! *makes gesture of slicing neck with finger while making sound effects* [/end].

      I was sadly exposed to information that made me less faithful in looking forward to X and Y. Eye Bleach did not help remedy this. I don't know~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what I want but I kinda want Charizard Mega X... He makes rainbows shoot out of my eyes.

      I'm trying out this annoying team built on survival and damage over time. So it takes FOREVER to faint them, while your guys are slowly being shaved away.
    10. kyogreblue3
      Definitely. Alter Ego was a nice addition, though. Not better than the real person but it did its job well, ha.
      And I noticed that too xD

      Attack on Titan is pretty amazing from what I've heard. Admittedly, I've only seen the first episode so far but I plan to catch up soon, especially since it ended. Seriously, the first episode was all I needed to realize that it was going to be great. The animation is mind-blowing, too.
      And yeah, there's always that too. Like the first few weeks of school were easy but then after that.... I just want to go back to summer break.
    11. kyogreblue3
      Yes, Yasuhiro definitely fits the wild card role. I had never expected him to make it, honestly. I don't necessary dislike the guy, but I'd rather have Chihiro in the final seven, although I guess we still had Alter Ego xD
      But yeah, I think that's the reason why Touko was still in too. She annoyed me to no end, really, and I guess part of the reason is because of her infatuation with Togami. I actually don't dislike Togami but he's just a "meh" character in the anime imo.

      Free is a complete shounen-ai anime. I only saw the first episode and there was enough sexual tension between two of the characters that I couldn't keep up with rolling my eyes.
      Did you watch Shingeki no Kyojin, though?

      And school is really busy for me this year, for some reason. wbu?
    12. Manectrifier
      Main thing is that I`m gmt +2. I don`t know exactly when I can be online this week, though I should be available thursday, friday and maybe even tonight. I`ll just try to be on the xat as much as possible.
    13. ChintzySnail
      My competitive team as of now is also a sandstorm team xD.

      II'm raising right now my Japanese shiny Ditto with its hidden nature. Sounds too good to be true, but it is legit, found in the hidden grotto. horrible IVs.
      With that, I plan on breeding my ultimate dream team for X. I only bought X, cause Fairy-celtic god yesh!

      I really am excited to see what there may be. I'd probably go Froakie at start and get the other two starters by egg-tradin' or something.
    14. ChintzySnail
      Ya know, we should do that pokemon guild battle thing or something similar.
      What's your usual team?
    15. Scubasteve23
      I'm not a john but I do have class from 1:45-8:00 at the earliest and this particular class is a workload so I might not be able to battle until Saturday. Why the hell couldn't you just ask me when I could battle instead of saying don't be a john
    16. ChintzySnail
      But, but, but, what If I want to giggle like a schoolgirl and tell you all my deepest and darkest secrets like my newest crush and and talk dirty about the evil Ms. Goldstein who teaches Math, and and that ugly girl who's just RUINING my lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfe?

      Btw you're not fat, you're just wearing too many sweaters, you should Autotomize~

      Also you'd have as much freedom as you'd have living real life. Not total freedom (can't just walk around w/o pants outside your home), but enough freedom to be content~
    17. ChintzySnail
      Lost~ your message box is full~ go on a diet and clean some old messages :b
      Anywho; Question: Random survey time: If you were to be a trainer in an RPG, would you 1.) Want to pick your own starter, 2.) Let the GM pick your starter?
    18. kyogreblue3
      ikr? I wish Celes had stayed in :/
      and yeah, I thought about that too. It seems like they just picked a random bunch to make it through the end, honestly. Naegi, Kirigiri, and Togami were predictable but... I can't really say the same for the rest of them.

      OH one of my friends on another forum watches it xD
      She says it's really good, actually. I'm sure it's on Anilinkz, too. That's the website where I watch most of my anime, because I can just always find it on there for some reason.
      And yeah, Free is just 80% about stripping and less about swimming -__- Like I swear if Free didn't have that factor it wouldn't have nearly as much viewers.

      /latereply though because I was off doing some school stuff >.<
    19. Knightfall
      Thank you, Lost! I had a great day!
    20. kyogreblue3
      oh, I loved those characters too~ It was really too bad they didn't stay in for long, especially Celes. It would've been more interesting if she had stuck around :/
      and yeah, that's something to look out for too xD

      did you catch any other anime this season besides Dangan Ronpa?
      I admit I grudgingly watched the first episode of Free because of a friend's constant begging request, but it was just so.... meh, for a lack of a better word
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    Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
    The Underground
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    The last order is hateful in its unnecessary clarity
    'Tomorrow, your death is sealed
    No matter how much you fight it'

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