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Last Activity:
May 12, 2020
Jul 11, 2012
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Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
The Underground

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Life Cheating Game, 21, from The Underground

Liltwick was last seen:
May 12, 2020
    1. kyogreblue3
      No prob ^^
      But yeah, I can't either haha. I played the previous games with an english patch, so I definitely wouldn't miss out on DR3. I just freaking love Kirigiri; she's undoubtedly my favorite xD
      And ahhhh, that's cool. Which ones do you like the best? c:
    2. SenorLaughsaLot
      Good job on your English grade. (:
    3. Quilavaflare
      *no excuses*

      Oh, ok...

      I figured. Just some more random thoughts floating through my mind, don't mind me.
    4. kyogreblue3
      the banner you requested has been finished~
      you know the drill; when you can, swing by and pick it up :]

      but on another note... wow i had no idea you watched dangan ronpa haha
      it's probably my second favorite summer season anime ngl
    5. Liltwick
      B- In Honors English! I shouldn't be happy about this but I am.
    6. Myrrh
      Gah, I was too slow. Well he's cool, so yeah.
    7. Myrrh
    8. ChintzySnail
      Well... took me an hour to write 400 words, but I did it. now just gotta format things, include some tropes, etc, and it'll be ready for your viewin'
    9. FairyWitch
      crap do you even remember im sorry i haven't been updating your stuff just been so busy -__- im backed up on like everything...i even have my side of shop closed in the trade shop section and still backed up XD
    10. FairyWitch
      lost what were the other requests im tired and trying to find them >.< i know about the last two badges but what were the others >.>
    11. ChintzySnail
      Well the prologue I wrote ins like five different scenes~ S'why it's so big.
      But have no worries, it'll be 400~500 words...
      I just, gosh, feel like I'm writing an essay trying to make a synopsis.

      This is for Colliding Worlds by the way~
    12. ChintzySnail
      Oh the actual prologue story might be over ten thousand words .... But ya gotta make a lot before you can begin to cut back...
      The synopsis of it to hook and reel in people will probably be around 400~500 words.
    13. ChintzySnail
      Coming up with a synopsis is tough~ and needing it to be 400 words :O
      Chugging away though; I'll probably PM you the finished format when I'm done
    14. Pyroli
      I have a boyfriendo now wowie. Life is good.

      So, how are things going with you my dear sweet baby? ouo
    15. ChintzySnail
      Because, personally, I enjoy Colliding Worlds!~~~ It's Pokemon in the real world, with real world physics...
      And I'm waiting to hear back from Mon. I think. I think it could be a group effort; I dunno. Planning and coming up with ideas is the easy part...
    16. ChintzySnail
      Right, there's like, 100 year-olds on these forums :O I'm just. Like a fourth. of that.

      To be honest, about a week ago I lost all my headway on Colliding Worlds, and I couldn't find motivation to re-write it all, so now I'm trying to do it.
    17. ChintzySnail
      Yea, I'm an old man compared to the average age here.
      I love ideas and making stuff; I just can't ever find motivation to complete them :(
    18. ChintzySnail
      Published Author, but really only a few poems and short-stories; one essay.
      I'm working on a novel right now... takes time... and motivation (which I don't have).
      What I am right now is a production assistant. I'm working on script-writing/going into film. My dream is to become an eventual composer of music though. That's a few years down the line still

      Overkill's my issue though yea. I could show you the rough draft I have for Ransei Rumble if ya want.
    19. ChintzySnail
      my problem is with making the sign up; I tend to write a novel of story and information. I'm already over the character limit in story alone *cough*
      That's with Colliding Worlds. Because I have it starting off with two scientists talkin' about the outbreak that happened few weeks ago; and them trying to cover it up, so public don't get panicky. Then it goes to the scientists experimenting with a Geodude, then it goes to a battle between humans and pokemon at the portal, and then it goes to a conversation between two old gents, and then it goes to leak or so that causes the beginning of the RPG....

      I also plan to turn each RPG into a fic if the players totally agree with it and stuff~
    20. ChintzySnail
      Eh for Poketch I just kind of want a competitive contest feel~ but yea.
      For Colliding Worlds It'll basically be investigation/battle/real world coping with Pokemon/ it's dark. Revolving around interacting with people, and doing missions. Missions will progress the story, unlock perks, etc. It'll be GM directed but open-world. Every action has a reaction.
      For Pokemon Pandemic. I have a system that people get 5 posts(turns) a day, and at the end of day 8, it's game over for them. So they have 40 turns to solve the mystery. I think actually losing would be a decent drive, instead of an RPG just fading, it could end with a winner or loser. I intend it to be short.
      For Ransei Rumble; I have it starting out with the players taking back Aurora. With the goal to take over all of Ransei to unlock Arceus (with a couple of twists and player decisions that might change the plot-flow drastically). It's basically a war-time RPG. Focusing on tactics/battle/coping with war.
      For Jirachi Star, how I have it planned was your character makes a wish, wish comes true, though skewed. And it's a slice of life dealing with the wish vs old reality. If anything that could be a school setting. it's supposed to be super casual and player driven.

      Non Pokemon RPGS I have planned are:
      A Shin Megumi Tensei RPG that focuses on SMT not the spin-offs (we already have Personal and Devil Survivor >.>)
      A sort of mythos RPG focusing on Christian mythos... seven deadly sins/virtues... Currentl no name.

      now I go and check out Youkai Overdrive :D
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    Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
    The Underground
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    The last order is hateful in its unnecessary clarity
    'Tomorrow, your death is sealed
    No matter how much you fight it'

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