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Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2020
Jul 11, 2012
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Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
The Underground

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Life Cheating Game, 21, from The Underground

Liltwick was last seen:
Mar 20, 2020
    1. SenorLaughsaLot
      Ah! You must be exceptional then! What classes are you taking?
    2. SenorLaughsaLot
      You say that now, but then the tough classes come along... XD
    3. SenorLaughsaLot
      I just love the creatures and stories that come from mythology. ^^

      I share your pain. XD I didn't start to actually study 'till like Sophomore year. >.>
    4. SenorLaughsaLot
      Ooh, mythology. I was always interested in it. Also, studies have shown that stress is only harmful if you believe it is. It's pretty weird...

      I know, now the classes are getting harder and the homework is consuming more of my time. >.<
    5. Volcer
      How is you?
    6. SenorLaughsaLot
      Never stress over stress, it's just your body's way of trying to get you confident enough to persevere! (I just watched a video about stress today in class XD It's really insightful...)

      I've been good, just school and activities keeping me busy. .-. Aghhh
    7. SenorLaughsaLot
      How's it been/going?
    8. SenorLaughsaLot
      Is late September good enough??? XP
    9. Meeker
      I type fast, and make sure that I spell things right because I have a spell-check thingamabob.

      Yeah, Zoey the Combusken (who I'm currently playing as in PMD Red) and Louis the Grovyle.
    10. Meeker
      No I'm not! You keep spelling things wrong to make yourself look like nothing's wrong with you. At least, that's what I took from what you just said.

      In fact, it goes great with the character, since she's rather rash. And yes, I was playing as her pre-evolution and had the same name. The partner is the same as well.
    11. Meeker

      I was on a mission to rescue an Elekid from Thunderwave Cave. Now, mind you, there are wild Elekid there, and the yellow circle that marks friendlies under my client blended in with the yellow ground. So I ended up thinking it was hostile, and pelted my client with gravelerocks. XD It's definitely going to be mentioned in my story at some point.
    12. Meeker
      Ah, you are an honesty one. That's for sure!

      Anyway, that's good.

      Also, you wouldn't believe how stupid of a mistake I made in PMD Red the other day. In fact, this mistake gave me a great idea for a background for who I was playing as (A character I plan to introduce somewhere in my story.).
    13. Meeker
      Hey, haven't talked to you for a while. How's life?
    14. ChintzySnail
      Shouen-ai is pretty much yaoi right? It's not weird. To each his own. For me I like the tough-serious-swordsman/athlete-kind of girl, can't think their official japanese name, but those paired with the hero, who also has a sense of justice/unshakeable will. For two guys... I often find my pairings more for comedic relief, for girl to girl, I can't honestly take it seriously. More for the fact I'm no lady and don't understand the female brain. I have noticed though... from my experiences, role playing fanfiction shipping seem to be more popular in same-sex circles. Which makes me feel like an outsider sometimes :b.

      I think at the core, it relies on a submissive person and a dominant person, regardless of gender. Two domineering or two submissive just don't click with me.
    15. ChintzySnail
      So, what kind of shipping do you like?
    16. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I thought Honedge was gonna be the Spirittomb of this generation, and then saw this evolution. It's apparently the Magnemite of this generation of this generation instead. xD
    17. ChintzySnail
      Maybe I will, maybe I won't. I still am a fan of Ash-x-No-one... is that a thing? Please let it be a thing.
      Also, I've been thinking, I've not really made it clear my sign up formula; well this is how I do it.

      First Paragraph = Body, poise/aptitude/height/physique/fitness/blemishes and scars/piercings and tattoos/other
      Second Paragraph = face/hair/eyes/blemishes and scars/piercings and tattoos/other/
      Third paragraph = outfit
      Fourth paragraph = accessories

      For personality: Social behavior then emotional behavior, then inspiration/drive then likes/dislikes then philosophy/beliefs all with a mix of /psychological disorders/negatives.

      For history: Start as a baby, work your way up to modern times. Key in unique/special/important events of your character....

      ...and that's really my formula lol
    18. ChintzySnail
      Just read my earlier message 'bout shipping and realized it was kind of nasty. ._. sorry.
      I really don't give Shipping much a chance cause I've really had a bad experience with the community in the past.
      Serebii shipping I have not read yet. I fear it's a huge tug-of-war between fanshipping clubs on who's the best? lol, probably not.
    19. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Hehe...both siblings have "dangerous" as a quality. XD Felice is sweet to balance it off, Lovina is beautiful. XD

      Can't wait to see your list! XD
    20. ChintzySnail
      I don't necessarily write fan-fiction, I write actual fiction; I more-so just fantasize my own fandoms in the already created worlds. I'll never use already existing characters beyond a mention, if I do write fanfiction.

      For shipping, I don't know, I've never liked it. For Pokemon... I hate Ash. I hate him. If I were to ship anyone with him, it'd be the cold icy hands of death! *Gothic* I've never really liked shipping, more-so the quality often associated with it. I am biased as I've not been exposed to many good shipping fics. I've not lurked on Serebii's shipping forum yet...

      Shipping does annoy me though. I would rather have the characters just confess and get it over with and not have "does s/he like me? Gosh I'm a doofus" for over 100 episodes/chapters... I've face-palmed and yelled at characters for being so ignorant >.>
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    Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
    The Underground
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    The last order is hateful in its unnecessary clarity
    'Tomorrow, your death is sealed
    No matter how much you fight it'

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