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Mar 20, 2020
Jul 11, 2012
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Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
The Underground

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Life Cheating Game, 21, from The Underground

Liltwick was last seen:
Mar 20, 2020
    1. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Yeah, it nicely shows how one can be both sweet and dangerous, traits both prominent in Felice. XD

      Look here...very conveniently on TvTropes. Separate character lists for each "group". But you can pick counterparts from anywhere...no need to have a fixed group. XD

    2. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
    3. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Hehe...Felice is light, Lovina is dark. XD Strange coincidence that his first name is very similar to Italy's "Feliciano". XD Well, I decided to go for it after I saw this picture of Italy.


      I'll see what I put together...hopefully it turns out well. XD

      Damn...I think I know who Leo would be. XD
    4. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Vincenzo Farfalle: His surname is a type of pasta...he cooks.
      Matteo Nieve: Surname means "snow", he's the "gelato-man".
      Giancarlo Bellini: I named him after that guy who places Pokemon game walkthroughs on Youtube, Giancarloparimango. It just stuck.
      Ludovico Ferri: Ludovico came from "Ludovico Technique", which is an aversion therapy using music featured in the novel "A Clockwork Orange". Ludovico was was ex-convict released on condition of aversion therapy.
      Valerio Costa: From Valerian, a type of drug. Valerio is always sleepy.
      Fiorino Rossi: Full name means "red flower". He's pretty.
      Arturo Gallo: From "Arthur", or England from Hetalia...his cooking sucks.
      Giorgio Zaffiro: Surname means "sapphire", his hair is blue.
      Luca Marino: From "luck"...he wins most of his bets. XD
    5. ChintzySnail
      I kinda want to turn Autumn Nights into a fanfiction; if Monster and the others allow, and well if we succeed and stuff.
      We all got interesting(though depressing) characters which would make a nice fic.
    6. ChintzySnail
      *disgruntled 'foo'*

      I'm trying to stay away from TekTek... I've already made 100~(few less, few more, haven't counted, feels like 100) different avatars today :D. It is so addicting, it's like I got the ''new game syndrome''
    7. ChintzySnail
      I need to learn how to write biographies. I stink at writing histories for characters. Probably due to the fact I rather have them live in the moment and fill out the history as they progress...

      How are you on the history-side of sign-ups?
    8. Skarm™
      Hey lost do you mind reffing a PASBL match between me and Val or are you too busy? .-.
    9. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      I always associated Felice with a lighter shade...something like sky blue, while with Lovina, it's a darker royal blue. XD

      I finally put together an outfit for Lovina...black with green and blue...and skulls. XD For a Leo, I might use a king-like motif. XD In fact, I could theme my stuff around...RPG jobs. XD It's perfectly plausible. XD

      Yup, Felice's eyes are the type one would really find inviting. I was thinking something like Italy's eye color. Of course, Felice doesn't keep his eyes closed a lot, it's just that it fit his Gaia so much. XD Italy's facial expression with a brighter version of Russia's hair, since you can see him as either Italy or Russia. Funny how it was Lovina who received Russia's purple eyes...but there are many depictions of Belarus with purple eyes too. XD

      I'm going to explain how each of the inner circle got his name. They all have reasons. XD Wait for it. XD
    10. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Funny how they originally wear shades of blue and in here, they wear shades of red. XD Really cool. XD

      But then, I might also mix things up...Tate might be Leo in my depictions. XD Felice might be Gemini or Libra, Leo might be Aries...depends on what looks good. XD You might even see Felice with his eyes open. They're reddish-brown, very warm...as opposed to Lovina's colder eye color. XD
    11. ChintzySnail
      Ah fun~! Go creativity go! Shine! Shine! Shine! *throws confetti*
    12. ChintzySnail
      I'm totally stalking your visitor messages, you should put your zodiacs on the Cafe~ Lol.
    13. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Cool, man! Looks real good! XD I can't wait to see Felice even more! I saw the items that you used...came from a set called Zodiacal? Felice's Aries set will make him look so fashionable...and shirtless. XD

      I'm also going to make a set with improvised combinations. XD Tate might end up looking...different. Definitely more masculine? XD Or maybe an underwater-ish theme? XD The hard part is picking the best backgrounds. XD

      I noticed how Leo and Sagittarius are very commonly chosen signs in RPs. XD Among my characters, Monica (8/4) and Felice (8/5) are Leos. Carly (11/22), Evie (12/3...why do you think I prompted you to give Asher a November Sagittarius birthday?) and Julia (12/16) are Sagittarians. XD Among my others, Felicja (11/11), Janna (11/13), Daciana (11/17) and Lovina (11/21) are Scorpios, Fiorenza (4/26) is a Taurus. And Mon said that Leo was apparently Leo...7/23. XD When we were in that one Persona, 3 characters were Sagittarians, it prompted a change in Alyssa's birthday.
    14. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Feel free to reassign Lovina's zodiac Gaia if purple in imminent for her. Anything but purple, yellow, white or pink...I like black, dark blue, dark green, dark red and gold more. >.<

      I guess that's what happens when Lovina is born one day too early to be a Sagittarius...she ends up losing out on the forgiving, optimistic nature and only got adventurousness, passion and no care for rules. XD
    15. Finch.
      [9/23/13 8:52:22 PM] Ymerej: my Taurus Rising is actually so close to Gemini that I have both of those signs traits :#
      [9/23/13 8:52:24 PM] Ymerej: :D
      [9/23/13 8:52:41 PM] Ymerej: ERMAGERD
      [9/23/13 8:52:51 PM] Ymerej: OUR PLUTOS ARE ONLY TWO DEGREES APART
    16. Finch.
      I am still here, just got distracted xD

      What's your char like? :3

      ..oh wait, on Skype...nvm
    17. Skiyomi
      Cool. Good luck with it!
    18. Finch.
      ooh- I had no idea you knew about the Moon and Rising signs :3

      Wanna talk on Skype? ^^
    19. Finch.
      we shall see, I guess! xD
    20. ChintzySnail
      no problem; I'm making Gaias of my characters too~
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    Sep 16, 1998 (Age: 21)
    The Underground
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