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  • I'm shipping André/Kyle. :p André has changed a lot from the last version of this RPG. xD

    I keep putting the wrong your! *headesks*
    You've never been a tagalong kid! I've always seen you as one of the better RPers here, actually! XD

    Yup! The Garchomp guy. XD Waiting for another RP where I can use him and his Hydreigon sister. Too bad you missed so much…we should join RPs together again! XD
    Kyle/Isaac *winky eye brows*
    *André throws a Monkey Wrench at that plan*

    You're Kyle is so different from my Kyle.
    I'm glad you're back, man! XD League…do you mean League of Legends or something else? XD Yup! I did amass quite a cast of girls, and of course…one guy! XD
    Well I mean like Isaac is literally partially based on a musician so I CAN'T JUDGE

    Yeah, I think it's been two years. XD Of course I'm in! I might use her, or maybe Jessalyn (who's…troubled, to say the least) or Julia/Felicja (both pretty renown in a bad way…they're wanted). XD
    duDE do it i think it's great when gm's put little snippets like that in there. (like, in my pathfinder rp, GM refers to our group as "the overpowered actor's guild" because you have my character who is too OP for her own good, as well as a couple other POWERFUL characters... but everyone has perform in SOMETHING.)

    ah, okay. i don't watch much of anything, so it makes sense as to why i would never heard of it.
    Probably. And, closing night of Pippin was tonight, so I have all the time in the world! Bittersweet, closing night is.

    It... probably makes a lot more sense to me, since it's a load of drabble and messy but it works. I've never heard of that, what is it?
    Well I mean, I also don't have a Wii U lmao. I usually for physical consoles stay a generation behind, other than handhelds.

    Falco looks hella nice, my beautiful bird baby.

    Ah I get you. That was me with my PSP back in the day because after beating Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core it had no more use.
    Star Fox Zero looks kinda meh tbh, I'm a big Star Fox fan too. :c

    I snatched up a Falco amiibo today and put it next to my fox, also a Mewtwo. //feelsgoodman

    Why don't you have a 3ds tho man? I was thinking of a Treecko/Pikachu combo at first; mostly for mega evolution shiz.
    Then again, I'm worried about just about... everything. I worry a lot about everything from "will this rp idea work out" to "am i going to be on time to call" to "where did i put my ring and is it Safe." it's a bit bothersome. actually a lot bothersome. (admittedly, it had a good premise. but i know that for myself, i was too inexperienced, and it just... never went anywhere.)

    This is the spreadsheet I keep everything on. It should allow you to see the comments, the descriptions can get long so I put in comments. What's IEM?
    This is sooo so true. I'm not too worried about it with Honor because of how dead the site it lately but... still. Worrysome. (It was called Pokémon 2012: Überload, you can find it here if you want to walk down Painful Three Years Ago Memory Lane.)

    I have a spreadsheet for my characters too! It's really convenient. Do you want me to share it with you?
    Yeah I mean like, obviously Nintendo still cares about it? To some degree, with all the Smash stuff with it at least. Then again, they have a lot of like more or less dead IPs that they still include in stuff... (lookin at you Captain Falcon) I mean like maybe they should funnel out some new games for older dead Ips instead of pumping out stuff for their extremely beloved ones. Or, at least that's how I feel? idk.

    It's quite good so far, I played about 6 hours today. I went with Chespin for myself and Pikachu for my partner. It's a little... weird though. You don't pick the Hero's gender, like it's vague throughout but you DO pick your partner's gender??? Like I have a female Pikachu partner with the heart shaped tail and all but when I tried to do that with my hero there was no way to do it????

    It's immensely better than Gates to Infinity already, but that really isn't saying much.
    Nice, thank you so much. owo

    Well I mean, fair point but think of like Twilight Princess; that's a pretty dark and gritty game for Zelda. (Although Ocarina and Majora can be quite dark at times too) Earthbound is also pretty dark but it came out here (I don't think it did well though, I think like that's why it didn't really continue but now it has a cult following)

    Not yet, maybe soon though. I won't b playing Isaac for awhile because the new Mystery Dungeon came out today and I snatched that up so dang fast.
    Hopefully. I've found that with more experience, RP's tend to work out more. Both for GM's and PCs tbh. (I was actually reading some of my first role play on this site (I believe you and Mon were in it, actually), and wOW we have all improved by a lot a lot in the past three years. Hallelujah.)

    Yeahh, I feel that vibe. I have a lot of characters I never truly got to use. I was really sad when Autumn Nights died, Lucas Moncrief was and is still my favorite character even though he really has no story with him. I'm kind of glad I ditched Jarreth for Jason, I like Jason much better. And also he's just... better written.
    It really is the stalker board. I mean, yay my friends are still alive, but when two of them are talking to each other i feel like i'm just awkwardly standing in the room like "yes hello i am here but!! i am not??" Good ole VMs. Also that sounds p awesome! I remember seeing it the first time around and thinking it was cool, but couldn't join.

    Yeah, I am pretty glad people are interested in it. Sign-Ups done in three days, though, I've never seen a SU go so fast. Good thing I have a sturdy plot (unlike last time, where I had no where to go with it. Oh how I have progressed as a GM... i think.)
    *drops in* So, I know I really shouldn't evesdrop (can... can you evesdrop with VMs..?) but I keep seeing you talk about Eevees (rp) in my activity, and although I feel like an idiot asking this, but would you allow people who weren't in the original to participate?

    (I... keep seeing stuff about Honor on my activity list on there too. Which is both kind of happy bc wow people talking about it but at the same time, I have no idea what they're saying. Sometimes I think VMs shouldn't count as activity.)
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