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  • I've become the male *Jean Grey* of the RPG section, except with Fairy types. xD

    I so would have taken Xerneas for Honor if it had been there for the start. xD Probably for the best though, I would have made Xerneas a guy, and this RPG needed girls anyway.
    Def reserve me a spot please! I might not be able to post right away but def save me that Leafeon spot. Dude it's fine, I mean I just never want to set foot in a high school again now that I'm out lmao. True that, we go on lunch dates once a week.

    SO GOOD, I CAN'T PRAISE IT ENOUGH. Still waiting on that English release of Mother 3, I mean, I've played the fan translation but I'd love to see and actual release on like the eshop. :C

    Azazel is my fave, he's just so hard to play. Same with the lost. I like Cain a lot because all those high luck runs make my heart happy.
    Do you have any plans on making it soon? Or is it just a rough idea atm? I mean like Flareon is my fave eevee but I wanna use Isaac again, and Leafeon fits him so much better, her elegance and whatnot. I can't deal with high school kids, I couldn't even do it when I was in high school. The boy I've been seeing lately is aiming for high school physics and I'm like are you okay???

    Yeah, Kyle and Kenny are def my faves. Have you watched Rick and Morty btw??? It's SO GOOD Ah thank you, Lucas is my next like biggest want after Falco.

    It's fun but also INSANELY FRUSTRATING, especially when you're new to it. I like using Maggie when I play but she's technically a beginner character. She starts with 4 hearts, and is pretty balanced everywhere else, she also starts with a healing item but she's a little slower than Isaac.
    Dude if you reboot Eevees I'll use Isaac and his Leafeon again for sure, I can flesh him out so much more. Plus, you have another character to work with with Slyveon. lol I'm in college for teaching with minors in English and Humanities, I'm only aiming for elementary school.

    Kyle is my bae, I don't ship anyone in South Park tbh. I have a pretty big collection now, I'm only trying to get the characters I play in Smash so it's not super hefty. Although I jumped on that pink yarn yoshi so fast.

    I wish I had a better PC, all I can really play is Binding of Isaac. omo''
    I feel that, I mean, like really highly feel that. I wish a lot of the older RPers didn't leave and I also wish there was more things to RP on here, I make a really bad GM so it's kinda out of the question for me to start one.

    If it's Tweak/Craig I swear,,, I mostly just watch TV and play videogames? I work in a videogame store now so I get all those sweet deets about things. I started amiibo collecting too, it's not fun honestly.
    RPing is so good, I also miss 2013, this forum has been so dead for RPing like it's super sad????

    I moved to other PKMN sites for RPing but the Admin's got tired and canned the sites so that was a sad day.
    I'll get onto it. Right now, I'm focussing on not losing my bonuses for all the matches that I'm reffing. I should probably get to ordering: I'll do it after I finish this college assignment.
    Lost, we need to talk in private. I can't send a PM message cause your inbox is full. Can you delete some of the messages so you can receive my message? Thanks.
    *high fives* XD Weeeeelcome to the club. Let us cry together over NaNo.

    Work is going well, by the by! It keeps me busy, though, as there're a ton of huge projects coming up, but hey! Iiiiin the meantime, I have zee NaNo, for which I have almost hit 15k words because idek how I'm doing this. 8D

    How's it going for you? :D
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