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  • Your boredom makes it so I must give you a nosebleed.
    Well, don't worry. I am sure everything will turn out all right. How are you doing?
    Yeah. Well hope you can try and find someone. I think even regarding the ears and tails is enough make the cynics that plague the internet hiss and scathe.
    Eh it's the internet. I don't get it either. Seems to be more of a thing for girls. I guess there is some negative connotation. I really don't know
    All right. Just waiting on the information about magic to be put in or you can give me an informal summary if you want
    @DVB, Okay, most of them in the town are friendly, it's just when you stray form there... I'll put you down as a Reservation
    My character will be a Vampire. i was asking because he is a nice guy. (Neutral Good). So he could be known as one of the friendlier folk of the Abyss
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