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  • I've done it before. But still... XD

    Yeah, but still, I end up winning in the end most of the time. Alright.
    Ah, well, best of luck!

    Thanks! :3 The sad thing is that the clothing there doesn't protect my guy much, making combat more difficult. And alright! I look forward to what you have to say.
    Ah, how's PASBL going for you, anyway?

    Yeah, I'm basing him around my character in New Vegas, here, check him out. Oh, and sure! Here, tell me what you think of it would you?
    Hey there! What's up?

    Oh, and I changed my mind on what Fox will end up looking like, if that matters to you.
    awww **** lost im so sorry i totally forgot gah >.< i just about to leave and go to bed after i finish the spring userbar and it hit me your new stuff still needs to be added to the shop...can you send me a new pm with the stuff again...im really sorry again about that...it slipped my mind....
    correct ^_^ the petals though may not be as noticable cuaz i want it to look spring like and i don't want it to have a jerking look like some do >.>
    hey lost check my profile ^_^ only friends can see my vm's one of my new userbars gunna be debuted i need to make three more different types...
    Yep! In fact, if you remember that untitle PMD project I had, I salvaged that, and turned it into the first chapter of my redo. Mind you, there's no prologue to this.
    What about it?

    It's fine. Oh, and I did go through with restarting. I know that it'll be good this time.
    shh it's okay you're great

    Yeah I'm excite!

    I'm thinking so! So like, 17 types (18 if Fairy has more revealed). And you link or bond with a Pokemon who will defend you to the end, you can also communicate with them rather easily. And then a legendary advisor based on your type (there's no poison legend though, so I'll need to work around that). Along with the choice of; Priest, Mage, Warrior, or Archer classes. Which also branch off into other things.

    Priest; Can stay Priest, Cleric, Sage, Psionic (Only compatible with psychic type)
    Mage; Necromancer (Dark or Ghost), Mage, Wizard (Fire, Electric, Water, or Grass)
    Archer; Ranger, Assassin, Archer, Rouge
    Warrior; Paladin, Berserker, Ninja, Knight (or warrior)

    bb u know u luv me

    Perhaps! Mine's in a week so woot woot.

    I'm thinking like... linked to a type by spirit, have a guardian legendary to guide you and RPG classes.

    Hopefully, indeed.

    I know bb but this would just be the rough draft. It probably wouldn't actually be up until like... mid-September?

    I've noticed most current RPs with Pokemon have to do with either morphing, or Gijinkas and I want to make something... interesting and semi-original.
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