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  • //strokesyourhair

    Aw that sucks bb. But I know that feeling, I'm quite certain most people do. I hope you feel better!

    I'm just attempting to come up with idea for my own RP, I have no clue tbh. vnv
    You know what, I'm going to stay with what I have here, and then redo the earlier chapters later!
    Really? Holy crap, must remember to get to work on that sometime soon. That, and Hoenn Reborn. Did you know HR not only stands for Hoenn Reborn, but is also the name of an organisation of corrupt police officers in Person of Interest?

    Access denied. Whoops, didn't realise it's set to Private. Should be fine now.

    Hello, long time no chat ^_^
    Would you happen to be interested in reading a psychological horror short story by yours truly?

    Yeah, I guess that's generally true.

    Not really; I've been working, doing summer homework, drawing, using the computer, playing music... the normal stuff.
    Yeah... one tip that I can give you is that if you're doing a regular battle and you're the person posting your squad second (at the beginning of the battle), look at your opponent's pokémon and try to bring a counter to all of them if possible.
    I'm interested to read this scale-tipping battle. I'll check it out sometime.

    Anything new with you?
    Yeah... I know. I may just restart, it feels like the best option, personally. It would still be Gates to the Rift, but, with a bunch of changes. Kind of like how Bru restarted his story.
    I'm glad that you enjoy it, and I hope you have better luck in your matches in the future! I lost my first match very closely to Redpanda13, and none of my other matches have progressed far enough along to know if I'm losing or not. I think it's fun just to battle, even if you lose, because it's (imo) the closest you can come to being a pokémon trainer and it's really fun.
    Ashen? I can rewrite what's not there. I was talking about GttR, my PMD story. I just feel that everything there is mediocre. I want different characters in different places and stuff like that. I made a mistake putting it out there. I really feel that I shouldn't have rushed and actually put my time and effort into it. I'm basically the worst author in the WoJ, simply because I can't seem to want to finish a ****ing thing!
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