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  • And how many games have been made in the platformer genre? Tons! Do I hate them? No! How many RPGs are out there? Tons! Do I hate them? No! Games of all types are released on a regular basis! Pokemon has been doing the same thing so so long and you still play it, don't you? I do too! Seriously, don't bash a genre for how many games fall within the category. It's that simple, to me, I see that you're bandwagoning here with the people who hate shooters.
    Not really. There are plenty of good FPS games out there. Battlefield, Counter-Strike, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Fallout (3 and New Vegas), Delta Force: Blackhawk Down, and a couple others.

    Honestly, I really hate how people bash them. Sure, CoD has a horrible fanbase, but that doesn't give people the right to bash every game in the goddamn genre!
    Dude, it's a multiplayer game. Maybe if you saw it as I do: A special forces squad stopping terrorists from destroying a nuclear reactor. A multiplayer action game doesn't need too much of a plot as long as it's good, and trust me, CS is one of the better shooters out there!
    Well if you want a Black Pokemon...


    Don't use Darkrai, Giratina, or Zekrom
    Making a MALE Chandelure Gaia is hard. Girl ones are easy. xD


    Except... I'd rather wait until X and Y is out before including X and Y Pokemon. :/

    Do you have any ideas?
    Well, it's at 94% right now. I expect it to stay that way because the KB per second is horrible!

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