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  • Well, I played the demo that they gave out for on weekend, and it was fun! But it kept causing my computer to overheat. Hopefully it doesn't do that anymore. Though, if I ever get a new laptop, I'll end up being able to download it on that as well if it does. So I still win in the end.
    Wait, you're not gonna use those on me later are you? :/

    I still haven't gotten any sigs yet. Can I get sigs approved on UPN too, and then get them on my squad here?
    Alright, cool! I'm listening to one of my favorite Tool performances.

    Anyway, do you plan to fill out that form for me at some point? I don't want to bother you, but I want to see what you would come up with.
    In the meantime

    I see. That's going to be difficult to get.

    I'm the only one with a birthday there right now. There really aren't that many people on there, is there?
    Yeah, you'll have to come up with a pretty good story for that one. You could say Lilligant uses roots to lift up rocks and binds them to herself. Wouldn't be able to move, but it wouldn't be moving too fast anyway. As for Staraptor, why would you want to make Fighting?

    UPN? Guess I didn't see where it says that. Thanks though.
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