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  • Well, I saw the Zelda one that you and Sheps made. I was thinking it would be a good start, but I don't know if that's still open.

    Yeah, sorry, I guess I just kind of got the impression that you didn't like it, but maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me again.

    Anyway, yeah, I know. I've come a long way since PTCGO, trust me. I'm in Fizzy too, you know. That's not exactly simple minded, and it's about as "real" as roleplays come. And I've played some other pretty intricate stuff before.
    Out of curiousity, do you find it strange or stalker-ish when I try to join RPs you're in? Cause there have been a couple good ones that I wanted to be in here, but it looks like you're already in a lot of them.
    Ok so we only have one slot left in Autumn Nights. Do you know anyone who could fill the last slot?
    Well, Quiver Dance doesn't boost the users Attack or Special Attack and Crawdaunt's SC doesn't relate to Energy Ball, so I would say no. Why do you ask?
    I really don't 'get' things that people invented, like time and boundaries and money and property lines
    it was only a month, I thought

    Maybe, I wasn't always to clear myself on when people wanted me off xD
    "If what you seek for you cannot find within yourself, you shall never find it without"

    But still, thanks.. :)
    But imagine, someday!

    It doesn't matter too much, though. I try to focus on the happy things so yeah
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