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  • I catch a Braixen in the friend safari and teach it Thief, then farm heart scales with the Luvsic on route 8, its 100% bite rate right a old rod.
    I found that a level 30 Braixen with thief usually can't faint a Luvdisc there with one hit, so you can effectively run away after stealing a heart scale if there was any and thus successfully chain fishing in the process. :D
    Nah, not yet, I really want to though, and yeah I have to Y megastone and I'm getting the X megastone when I finish my Pokemon X playthrough~
    I'm doing well, thinking about what I'd like to get a shiny of, but I keep getting headaches here and there. Heh, maybe I'm a Psyduck? I get headaches usually at night, which is also when I can think slightly better. Figuring things out, because I spend a good amount of time thinking.
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