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  • You seem like a nice guy. :)

    Oh yeah, and that UT was just a joke I had going with some friends on here. XD
    ahh i'll start it soon. Dx i've been busy all weekend !! ):
    oh, you know my backyard neighbours? at like 1:30am some stoner guy was sitting on top of their fence just waiting there...i freaked out. and he was stoned or drunk or something, he kept like, walking all crazy and weird..

    lol my computer broke down ill do your banner at lunch or something. :p
    Thanks for your review, Lime Love (and interesting nick BTW). I hope you liked the story well beyond the first paragraph and that it lived to your expectations. Don't worry about the review being "wrong" or anything: with experience and time reading good stories you'll acquire confidence. In my opinion, what matters is that the review is both truthful and useful.

    I see you're quite new here: I have to say welcome.
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