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    Finally I hope for companion pokemon to return from HGSS.
    Because it's better than someone else answering "well because they're OBVIOUSLY Super Mega Evolutions that you can only access with the power of Rayquaza and this other Pokémon I just now drew in Paint". Misinformation is best cut off at the source.
    Hey, sorry I haven't contacted you in a while. Maybe you're thankful for that.

    I need to play Awakening more.
    Hey, if Intelligent Systems wanted to, would it be great or not if they remade 4 & 5 to where it went this way: 4 Gen 1 -> 5 -> 4 Gen 2?
    So is there a way you can have all of the characters in Genealogy 1st Gen have kids, and you don't have substitutes?
    Does Gen. of the Holy War have character options such as "if you don't recruit A you can get B"?
    Probably not so much, but I guess we'll see.

    I'm interested in the direction this game may go, but that isn't to say that I am investing towards it yet.
    What are your current thoughts on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem with what little we know?

    Personally, I would want it if it gave some insight to the Fire Emblem series (esp. the story arc).
    Hey, in Awakening, if Chrom gets his destined mate decided, would the support system support the S conversation?

    Say if Chrom had a destined mate with Sumia decided, can he still get a S rank conversation (with her and no one else)?
    It seems like I beat the Black Knight with two Aethers: one on my turn and one on his. There's my dumb luck.
    if I may ask for your honest opinion, what do you think of the voice acting specifically assigned to Greil and the Black Knight during their fight scene in Path of Radiance.
    Hmm, must have read it wrong. I read it again, and it says that he got into Jagen's position and then died at the end of Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo. The Japanese title might have gotten me confused.

    To review this:
    Frey sacrificed
    Norne recruited
    First 4 gaidens explored
    Arran chosen
    Gotoh instead of Nagi.

    I was also thinking an anti-canon run-through where you don't sacrifice Frey, you don't recruit Norne, you choose Samson, and don't go to any gaidens, save the last one with that trick with the Aum staff and Tiki holding the Falchion.
    Or made a super aum staff.

    There seems to be the decision of whether I recruit Samson or Arran (it's a Samus Aran reference, I knew it :p). I thought Samson would not be the canonical choice sense the bio description in FE12 said he single handedly guarded an Akaneian village.

    Edit: But I don't know, since Fire Emblem wiki said that Arran died from an illness at the end of Shadow Dragon. Could that mean that he would have healed otherwise in the village?
    They either got seriously injured, or the magical fairy god revived them all. Maybe they had a ritual. :p
    So I guess Norne wouldn't have known Marth unless she volunteered for his army.

    I didn't recruit Norne, so maybe I'll redo the game. I didn't get that far anyway
    Is it implied in Fire Emblem 12 than Norne did or did not join Marth's army in the War of Shadows? I ask because I was trying to do a "canonical challenge" of Shadow Dragon.
    I might have done a slight miscalculation since Krom cannot marry all of the designated female characters, so my max may be a little off.

    I had a question about those bands after the first playthrough of Path of Radiance, can you stack them and award units with bonus experience for an even better chance of the stats increasing.
    I thought it was at least creative...

    I calculated numbers and I figured there would be anywhere from 220 to 367 child portraits.

    The 220 is assuming the 17 adult males share the same hair color with 17 of MU's.
    The 367 is assuming the 20 hair colors of MU are different than the 13 normal Adult Males, plus the 4 Male characters that can only "court" with a Female MU.
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