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Last Activity:
Jun 14, 2012
Jan 22, 2012
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Lineaire was last seen:
Jun 14, 2012
    1. Victorious Victini!
      Victorious Victini!
      o: Haii haii, been a while.
      Howve you been? c:
    2. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
      i posted in the shop while replying to other "checks". i think its about a page or two back by the time you get this :)
    3. RustyOwl
      Hi there. Are you still looking to trade your Reshiram?

      Who do you need?
    4. TheFightingPikachu
      I wanted to apologize for taking so long to respond to your most recent PM, and also to let you know that I'm planning to respond soon. Sometimes I procrastinate badly, I'm afraid. :(
    5. dewey911p
      thank you so very much :) btw, did you want to know your SID :p
    6. dewey911p
      i can just clone it for you :) and if your free now ill meet you in the room :)
    7. TheFightingPikachu
      LOL, yes, I understand about the number of pages! Honestly, there were a huge number of off-topic, anti-evolution posts, so it would be crazy of me to expect you to go through it all. I'll pull together a PM momentarily.
    8. TheFightingPikachu
      Here it is. There are a number of really interesting things about this debate (things I want to explain later). For now, I just want to say that there was much more to this debate than a simple matter of evidence.

      So, no hurry; I know the importance of English projects. When you're ready to begin on the thread, please let me know. I'd like to show you some specific posts in that debate.
    9. dewey911p
      oh just the pokemon will do :) and thank you so much :)
    10. TheFightingPikachu
      I'd like to point out that it's quite hard to hate something you don't believe in. o3o Some might hate the concept, but that doesn't apply to all non-believers.
      Thank you for this observation! I took this into account and added something to my post to make my argument more general.

      Since you mentioned that you'd like to believe in God, but that it doesn't make sense to you, would you mind if I showed you how an earlier debate went?
    11. dewey911p
      great! ill send over a Brave Victini that i RNGed as a thank you :)
    12. dewey911p
      oh, i can just clone that as well if you dont mind :)
    13. dewey911p
      thank you that would be great! :)
    14. dewey911p
      sure np, and np on the clone :) do you by chance happen to have a spare DW female Mawhile on hand? just thought id ask :p ill head into the room now :)
    15. dewey911p
      im free to trade now so just tell me what you want and ill get it cloned :)
    16. kuzronk
      How are you?
    17. lokistarwind
      Your welcome.
    18. lokistarwind
      see you in wifi room
    19. lokistarwind
      Tell me when ready
    20. lokistarwind
      ready. vm me when ready
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    FC: 4685 2534 5597.

    DW: Larvitar, Lickitung, Mawile, Mankey, Slowpoke, Wooper, Tentacool, Vulpix, Eevee, Dratini, Magikarp, Girafarig, Bagon.

    Legendaries: Kyurem (Jolly), Cobalion (Bold), Flawless Virizion (Timid), Flawless Cobalion (Jolly).

    Other: Happiny, Hoppip, Wooper, Aron, Budew, Wurmple, Ralts, Togepi, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Treeko, Chikorita, Mudkip, Totodile, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Panpour, Pansage, Pansear, Shroomish, Gastly (got it from the Dream World but either way it only has one ability), Nincada, Snorunt, Rotom, Gligar and maybe some pokemon I'm forgetting about...

    Also have Pokerus and 1 Master Ball for trade.