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Recent content by Ling-Ling

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    Shrek Four

    I'll remain skeptical until I hear if King Aurther is in it. He was the worst thing from the third movie. And that was one bad movie.
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    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    Wrestling has ALWAYS been bad. Steroid abusing meatheads and ugly women with terribly fake mammaries trying to perform the Bold and the Beautiful with MOR ACKSHUN was never a good idea. Only good parts are when a stunt goes wrong.
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    If the world were to end tomorrow...

    Rape, pillage and murder. I'll be a viking for a day.
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    Infamous Members of Years Past

    Wow, I haven't been here for ages and I have to say, I'm surprised about PsiUmbreon. I do remember a Blue Pikachu or something, some 13 year old jesus freak. Might not have been too noteworthy but buggered the hell out of me.
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    Pokemon Ethina Region

    I didnt click the links, I was busy looking at the original pokemon. My only grip is that Proffersor Shelly isnt named after a tree or plant, like all the other professors. The sprites are excellent, and there are some great ideas in there.
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    OH HAI ISA GON QUOTE WIKIPED AND NOT ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE I haven't seen the finale, but my friends told me it was an excellent ending to the show.
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    The corei-dex v2

    Red cat, blue cat, green cat, blow cat. DOCKTAR SEUSS
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    Biggest Dissapointments you've had in film.

    I hated the fact that I am Legend became O I DO NT BALEF IN GOD BAD DISES HAPEN AN HE DO NUTTIN, O RANDM WOMYN U SILY BICH U BELAF IN GOD, O U MAK ME BELIV IN GOD WONAN AN NAU I DO HEROIK AKT DU TU PRUMIS OF AFTRLIF. And dohohoh the church is the safe place at the end of it, DEY IS PROTECTED BY...
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    Moot, the most influential person of the world?

    Because when people stopped believing he was in any way funny he lost his power. He is like Freddy Krueger, but fail. ANd Mootle doesnt influence ****, apart from most people being afraid to post DSFARGEG. Everything he is supposed to influence was done by 4chans userbase, and no one there...
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    Immature People.

    Summed up the entire thread. I just don't like anyone who says they are random. Thats like saying "I'm a ****wit but its ok."
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    MOst Annoying Cartoon Characters Of All-Time

    Naruto, the kids a whiny ****ing gimp. HABEEB IT NARUTO. Actually any anime character when they just start yelling for the most trivial reasons, it just irks me. You sir, are an anti semite. Infact anyone who doesn't like spongebob squidward and mr.krabs hate jews. Cause squidward...
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    Official News Thread.

    The death tolls up to 130 and estimated to rise to over 200 in the Victoria bushfires. Add on the fact that there are crocodiles in the flood waters in queensland and a five year old is feared to have been killed by one, they are just out of mating season and at their most aggressive, I'm just...
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    Stupid things that people have done in real life.

    The people who have been lighting fires in Australia. We are in the middle of our worst bushfires ever. Some people just want to get lynched apparently.
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    Does that make YOU crazy?

    I have slight OCD and whenever I see a whole bunch of crap on a table I want to instinctively put it all into one big pile.
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    A serious question.

    Why do women hate men so much, we've made their lives so much easier by inventing things such as dishwashers, wasing machines and Easy-off BAM! and they through it back in our faces. I've already had someone answer this by saying that those men's wives nagged them into inventing them but that...