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  • no, i forgot to add in the calcs, this is also on two other forums, and i put the calcs in the serebii one, and i didn't get him to update it until around 3 hrs ago

    my mistake
    Thanks for taking this in a civil manner.

    Back on Yanmega, I think that some things look better on paper than they do in practice. I'm sure you've used in OU at some point or another, but if you have I'd assume it wasn't against some of the "upper-crust" players, some more skilled in adapting to foreign situations, if I guess that's what you could call it. Not to demean you, but some of the higher skilled battlers around here have conformed to the idea of tiers and the tiering system (most of them have even voted for/on it.) Again, thanks for being so kind, there are other people around here who can be pretty rowdy (myself included.)
    I think it'd be better for me to post this here than in the thread, it'd be a bit off-key saying stuff about the tiering system in a discussion about Pokémon roles. Feel free to delete this.

    Short answer, I just do and i'm a cynical bastard.
    I can't say I don't act like this either.

    Long answer, I have a fundamental problem with those who proscribe to the tier system, because a vast majority of them take it for gospel on what to use, how useful a pokemon is, and so forth, and not how much it is used.
    I see what you're saying, and I know that this is exceptionally common among newer players. However, you have to come to face with the fact that this is a competitive environment, and players will use the best Pokémon they can to get the advantage. There are wonderful Pokémon that have roles in OU that can't be filled well or as well by any other Pokémon, and some scrubs may think that Slowbro isn't as good as Gliscor just because it's in a lower tier. It's not true, but I think the cons that come with the tiering system do not outweigh the pros. You say you enjoy the lower tiers, but without the tiering system, there would be no lower tiers.

    Basically, a lot of people who are misinformed about the system tend to go power only and create no ingenuity with their sets, then bash other pokemon from the other tiers as inferior, when chances are they never even played with them before. And since I tend to hang out in the UU/RU/NU sections of the system, it bothers me a lot when people misconstrue it.
    If you play the lower tiers, such as RU, you can't say Yanmega is fantastic in every tier just because it's good in RU. It's the same in a different sense, Quagsire is great in OU, but it's pretty bad somewhere like RU. The metagames are different, so I'm kind of being lead out as to the validity of your opinion.

    Oh, and happy belated birthday.
    What happened to your fanfix the journey? I got into it from your sig link.. But you stopped! Like, 2 Years ago:(
    Can I be honest. Words like idiot or retard, they hurt you know. I'm not the brightest person on the planet, I'll admit, but I'm not an idiot.
    Oh, okay. I see. So that is only 4 years later than mine (the poll was done by the same group). Catholicism jumped 4%! It's not 33% though.

    Also, I wonder how they define conversion? Like if my dad was raised Methodist but he converted to Catholicism to provide a bit more unity in the family.
    Hello, um, sorry for the ridiculously long wait, but the next chapter of 'The Path Towards Home' is up. I'd have done it sooner, but I've just returned from a holiday in France, so I didn't really have access to a computer there.
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