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  • idk if the stats are diffrent from the rest
    but all i know its a collectible because i ahd to go to bryant park for it
    no i did not except any offers and not any of these one but i am only intersested in piplup 777's trade right now
    i will trade you a shiny moltres and mewtwwo for your shaymin and i will get back to you with natures when i have my ds
    ill send u the pic in a sec

    it was given at bryant park in NY
    ithink for the celebration of Pokemons 10 anniversery
    alamos darkrai if you are interested leave me a message on message board or pm. i also have other events if you want
    Hey, do you still have your shaymin? I have a wshmkr jirachi, a shiny jolly houndoom, a shiny docile torkoal, a shiny sassy wurmple, a shiny adamant pidgeot, a shiny lonely machamp, a shiny bashful aron, a shiny bold eevee, a shiny quiet geodude, a shiny impish skitty, a shiny quirky pichu, a shiny jolly feraligatr, and a shiny timid zigzagoon. Leave me a vm or PM me if you're interested. Thx!

    EDIT: Also have a docile Alamos or modest Almia Darkrai.
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