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Lion Demon
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  • 1) Their stats are roughly the same.
    2) Normal/Fairy is an even better defensive typing than Psychic.
    3) Mega Audino's Special Attack is just a tad better, which allows it to do just a tad more damage.
    4) Healer gives Audino a chance to heal its partner without even having to try in a metagame where sleep, burn, and paralysis run rampant.
    5) Audino gets Heal Pulse to heal its partner. The closest that Cresselia gets to this is Lunar Dance, which requires for said partner to be off the field when it's used. Oh, and it also knocks Cresselia out.
    6) Everything that Cresselia is touted for doing - Icy Wind, Helping Hand, Thunder Wave, etc - is done just as well by Audino.

    In short: Mega Audino is a huge boon for Doubles players. Her options are limitless.

    What do you think?
    Thanks for listening man and yeah I know I need to work on the pronunciation of some words but I'm sure my braces have a lot to do with it.
    I very rarely do instrumental covers. I get beats from Youtube and purchase the lease. Like how good is my off the dome rapping? It depends on the situation and if I have motivation and inspiration at that particular moment. Usually I can do off the dome freestyles pretty well but I do a lot better if I'm in my zone, intoxicated, or freestyling with other people. Sometimes I can't freestyle period or it may take me awhile to get into it, but when I get into it I go off and start killing beats like a trained hitman.
    I mean for the gangsta style freestyle. I've done freestyles over like 7 instrumentals. I had 4 instrumentals where I freestyled a verse off the dome
    Thanks man, I don't **** around when I start writing. And no I don't have it recorded yet but I'm getting it recorded soon. It's over a freestyle instrumental that happens to me more gangsta rap but it's a written freestyle if that makes any sense. Its not something I wouldn't typically write so it's a one time thing lol.
    What you think of these bars I wrote in like a 20 minute time period? The commas help you pick up on my flow easier since I use them as my "break points"

    nursery, yall intelligence is elementary
    imma powerhouse like a lithium ion-battery
    when i go super saiyan i produce nucleur energy
    then spit it in bars im the main source of electricity
    you can't **** with me, im the white, muhammad ali
    deadly blows, can't dunk my shots when, i'm mobbin the streets
    im my own posse dont get near my, vicinity
    dangerous to your molecules and follicules, mercury
    i got enough clips, to take out, your whole clique
    i don't claim a set, but i'll draw, that chrome quick
    lets play russian roulette, i'll make, ya dome split
    I leave no evidence, with a glock, i'm mo' sick
    Thanks man! More like $1000 if not a little more cause I forgot to include a mixing board but I should have it all within 4 months if not quicker (not including acoustic panels). I make about $500 a week so I put about $100 aside every paycheck so Thursday I'm probably going to buy another piece of equipment and if I have enough buy something else next Thursday, and etc until the studio is complete. No on the ghostwriting. I only accept ghostwriting if somebody offers, all my tracks but one is written myself and one of my really good friends is the co writer on another track. You got lyrics you want rapped or something?
    I'm more for lyrics first and beat second, if you listened to my song City of Angels you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The rap game needs more rappers like that. Tho I'm gonna admit, that is the only song I didn't write somebody I don't even know sent me them and as soon as I read them I told him I'm making it a song for him. The studio's going good now. I don't just rap I play guitar as well and make beats so I got quite a bit of equipment already. I got 2 condenser microphones (mics that require 48 V phantom power through an preamp or interface), an audio interface of course (i'm upgrading to an 8 input from a 2 so it's gonna be a rack), studio headphones, computer, and a DAW (digital audio workstation) which is how I record, mix, and master. I got Studio One and Reaper for mixing, recording, mastering and Ableton Live and Reason for music production along with a midi keyboard and midi drum pad controller. All I need now is monitors (speakers) since I use surround sound, preamp (optional but I want better sound), acoustic panels, and that's basically it. I only got like $800 left to spend before it's done.
    Idk, I haven't looked around the Chicago area for labels. Once I get my studio complete I'm gonna move back to the St. Louis area which will be in about 6-7 months and just build my foundation there. The main reason why I don't wanna go the major label route is lots of rappers in the mainstream (major labels) are sell outs and I don't wanna sell my soul for riches. I'd rather release the music I wanna release and write what I wanna write rather than have someone force me to write what they want me to write. There's more to hip hop than just drugs, money, women, and fashion. Those topics are fine on occasion but it's become an every radio hit track and that's pretty ridiculous.
    Na not yet other than the PM I got on ReverbNation to submit to columbia records. I have trust issues with major lables so I didn't apply. I'm more interested in getting involved with an independent label rather than a major label. I just recorded like 4 or 5 songs today with my new equipment and planning on recordings a few more tomorrow and possibly mix them all tomorrow.
    Decent atm, i got a good reputation at my work and I gather more followers at every party I go to. I haven't released a lot of material yet but since college is coming back soon I'm gonna start getting on my grind again and try to get recognized big in my area. Did I send you a link to my tracks?
    He only purchased the lease not the exclusive so I still have full rights to use it for non profit or rights to purchase a lease or exclusive.

    Edit: Actually scratch that. Hyperaptive is Syko Beats lol. Well this is interesting...
    I came across him by mistake actually, but I'm glad I did. I was looking for instrumentals and the ending had a snip of his track so I looked in the description to see if I could listen to the full song.
    yeah Chicago's a pretty bad area but I don't live in Chicago so I'm safe, I live like 50 miles outside the city. We still get GD's and a few other folk sets here and a few Kings in the area that's heavy Mexican but it's nowhere near like Chicago. Mostly just hustlin instead of "gang bangin", tho there is a lot of armed robbery crimes, and home invasions.

    And I actually don't have a particular set style when I rap cause I'm more diverse. I got all kinds of different styles, it just depends on the vibe of the beat and how I decide to flow to it. Here's a couple of my songs for you to listen to. They were all recorded with a ps2 usb mic which is very low quality but since I know how to mix I could make it sound decent. I got equipment now which gives me a warm, crisp, and clear sound. Working on re recording those current tracks as well as new tracks.
    I'm in the midwest (chicago area) and when I want I can keep up with Twista, Tech, JL, D-Loc, MGK, Dalima, etc since i'm a rapper myself and sometimes chop. I don't chop a lot so I wouldn't say I'm a "midwest chopper" but I can definitely chop. And yes I have. I know so much rap music that it's ridiculous lol.
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