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Lion Demon
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  • Yes I am. Tech's imo one of the rap geniuses we have in the game today. Without tech there wouldn't be a "Midwest/worldwide chopper". He's also got a very good selection of musicians on his roster Strange Music.
    Hopefully they keep the battle frontier and the Emerald exclusive areas like Mirage Tower and Desert Underpass (maybe as post-game areas, padded out with a few non-Hoenn Pokemon? The likes of Krokorok, Hippowdon, Gabite, Dugtrio, Onix, and Durant could all work well in Desert Underpass. Yamask/Cofagrius is the only Pokemon I can think of right now that would work well in a post-game Mirage Tower. Maybe Golett as well).
    I'm also hoping that they keep Liza and Tate's Gym Team from Emerald, since it was challenging as heck! I think it would be cool if they kept Juan as the Sootopolis Gym Leader, too. That way Wallace could return as a post-game champion - so Steven is the initial champion but after you defeat him he retires from his post and Wallace takes over (with Mega Milotic, perhaps?). I think that that could be possible because of some text in RSE, in the message he leaves you in his house where you get his Beldum. Specifically:

    "To <player>… I've decided to do a little soul-searching and train on the road. I don't plan to return home for some time.
    After that he could be battled daily at Meteor Falls with a stronger team.
    Thanks! I thought of it while using a Static Pikachu to help me catch some of the rarer electric types in X, and figured it's a concept that could definitely be expanded on! Hopefully GameFreak do actually expand on it, catching Surskit was a nightmare in Ruby!
    Well, the promised "huge increases" are supposed to be to Defense and Special Attack, so I wouldn't expect too much... but there's bound to be something that it gets. My estimate is 30 points to Special Defense. If I'm right, you owe me a soda.

    ..... *smirks* Not really. Still, that's what my (extremely well-researched) guess is.

    As for the answer for your other question: it's because those blind, idiotic, pessimistic chumps like R_N -
    ...Er, I mean our esteemed colleagues refusing to believe that any good can come of such an "ordinary" Ability.

    Do you have any more ideas?
    Thanks! =)

    I did consider Nasty Plot, actually; I just don't think that it's as wise of an investment as Calm Mind. Sure, you'd be able to set up faster; however, he'd still remain just as vulnerable to Special Attacks. He's not going to be outspeeding anything once he Mega Evolves; this means that he'll need to be able to take hits before dishing them out. Without a Calm Mind or two underneath his belt (or gem), getting hit by a moderately strong Special Attack would cost him an unhealthy amount of HP before attacking, which would leave him at the mercy of his opponent's next attack.
    Well, I had a friend who was home schooled and so I looked into it. I have a ton more freedom about how much time I spend on subjects, plus I don't have to wake up at 6 am every morning, which is probably the best part.
    Actually, I'm home-schooled, but my dad is gonna be helping me to do all of this stuff well, so hopefully it won't be too difficult for me.
    Haha yeah I'd like any amount of money but I'm still in school as of right now, but soon I'll be looking for a job myself. Oh, and I'm in the U.S.
    Yeah, its been a crazy couple months for me. But that's really cool, that sounds like a pretty cool job too. And thanks for the advice, I'll let them know about that. (and even though they don't know you I'm sure they would say thank you too)
    I got a second job(Manager at a local gamestop) so I haven't been on as much, but they're fantastic! looking for the rest of the starters at the moment
    (Sorry again for that) Wow thats awesome! I have some friends who have had some trouble finding jobs when they're older than 18, so I'm glad to hear you got one a lot earlier than that! Plus that sounds like a pretty cool job, how are you liking it?
    hey there, sorry i had quite the absence haha, but im back, hopefully for awhile. But anyway, how are you enjoying your new legal adulthood?
    No sir. Saturdays are my only day off so I will be the majority of the day. I will be sure to look out for you being online
    LOL. That's okay. Oh, and I took all my Pokemon from past games and put them on X. So I have a bunch of level 100's and etc. sitting in my box. I trained my team a lot yesterday. I'm like on my 7th badge and my team is all in the 40's.
    LOL. What are you talking about? Didn't you check my signature? That IS my friend code. Unless you are talking about another game before X/Y. Then I would need to give you another friend code that isn't also my 3DS FC. :/
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