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  1. Litleonid

    Satoshi without a starter, does it work?

    No...It feels so wrong and under Goh, they've been handled horrendously, rarely ever being showcased in interesting ways like Ash would and having very rushed development.
  2. Litleonid

    The Future of Pokemon Anime after PM2019? (aka Gen 9 Anime Speculation Thread)

    What the Gen IX anime needs is a return to form. The main protagonist with 2-3 others going through the new region, catching Pokemon, training them, and going through the badge quest. Honestly, I really wish we'd get a new protagonist entirely, but Journeys would be a bad spot to end things off...
  3. Litleonid

    My Hero Academia

    I thought the first arc was kinda fun. I mean we got to see Shinso again and it was nice seeing how everyone worked together with their quirks. The Class 1-A vs. Class 1-B battles were kinda fun. The switching of the Endeavor Agency arc and My Villains Academia arc was very strange though.
  4. Litleonid

    My Hero Academia

    Yeah, its really not that much of a surprise that the U.A. Traitor is seemingly Hagakure. She's the least developed member of Class 1-A, but it was kinda obvious. The clues have been there from the start. When questioned about where she was during the attack, she said she was with Totoroki...
  5. Litleonid

    Mega Evolution VS Gigantamax! (1175)

    The Good + The animation was on point. When the Dream Team is behind an episode, you can always expect some outstanding animation. + That Mega Lucario vs Gigantamax Machamp battle was everything I hoped it would be. + Glad they remembered that Gigantamax had a limit. The Bad -Sitfetch'd being...
  6. Litleonid

    Nintendo Direct Thread

    The key thing to remember here is this is gonna be for games releasing from October 2021 to March 2022. Its still possible to see something outside of that release window though. I think another Metroid Dread update is a given, though I HOPE they don't spend too much time on it cause they've...
  7. Litleonid

    Say something positive about your least favorite character

    Goh...He at least actually cares about his Pokemon.
  8. Litleonid

    Do you want that guy who beat Ash in the XY league to return ?

    Well, you're not wrong about getting screwed out of winning. That's the writers fault.
  9. Litleonid

    Do you want that guy who beat Ash in the XY league to return ?

    Only if Ash gets to defeat him. Ash never should have lost that final battle to Alain and honestly, Ash deserved to win more than anything. So if Alain is ever gonna return, it should only be so Ash could take the win he was robbed of.
  10. Litleonid

    August 27th: PM2019 078 - The Sakuragi Laboratories Become a Target!

    This is gonna feel VERY undeserved honestly and I had a bad feeling this was gonna happen. Honestly, I'm very disappointed with how this is going down. I liked the idea behind Drizzile being upset. Drizzile has spent several episodes sulking in a cave and we've only seen him when Goh was...
  11. Litleonid

    Goh Doesn’t Deserve the Hate He Gets: An analysis of what I like about his character and what could be done better

    Goh could have been good if it wasn't for having such an uninteresting goal that just isn't engaging at all. If the execution was much better, I'd like him and his goal a lot more
  12. Litleonid

    U.S. Politics 2021: Ignore the Neighslayers

    Depends on how Kathy Hochul does. She's got a year in offive before the next governor election. But yeah, the big talking point the Republicans will have is now gone.
  13. Litleonid

    How would Ash's JN team fare in previous Conferences? (Update as of Episode 92)

    I think his Journeys team, with proper development they would have gotten in past series, could have won in a few leagues by the end of the series.
  14. Litleonid

    Goal/Competition You Like

    I'm definitely gonna go with the league and contests. You can't go wrong with general battles. I always enjoyed the badge quest and watching to see how Ash would overcome the challenges he was presented with. Contests were also great because while the battles are great, it was more about the...