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Little Hero
Jul 8, 2014
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Little Hero

Well-Known Member

    1. MegaMaster#1
      Thanks for accepting my FR :)
    2. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Your post are perfect.
    3. Pokemaniac24
      Yeah, now that you mention that, she does look like a combination of Serena and Hilda. I love how the game creators make the designs of the girls so unique and yet they still have their own parallels as well. Serena in the anime has definitely been de-aged but she still looks very, very pretty.
    4. Pokemaniac24
      I'd be all for that. I'd love to see a series based on the games or the manga as well. I was actually thinking of replaying FR/LG, too and playing as Leaf. I love her design. She's so chic :)
    5. Pokemaniac24
      Oh yeah, poor Leaf. I would have loved to see her. Maybe if they ever made Pokémon The Origins an actual TV Show. I mean, I think they may have been trying to stay as close to the Gen 1 games as possible and not have LG/FR elements but then again, they had Mega Charizard X so....
    6. Pokemaniac24
      Yeah, all music has their fair share of epic music. It's just that I remember more from R/B/Y since they were the ones I played the most as a kid. Speaking of which, did you see Pokémon The Origin?
    7. Pokemaniac24
      I'd go with R/B/Y as well because they are the most nostalgic to me. And the music in those games is amazing.
    8. Pokemaniac24
      Which is your favorite out of the games?
    9. Kuvario
      Hi there, nice to meet you and thanks for accepting my FR.
    10. Pokemaniac24
      It does get some getting used to. Welcome to the forums. You seem to be enjoying XY so far. Would that be accurate?
    11. Pokemaniac24
      Hi, Little Hero. Nice to meet you.
    12. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      You don't happen to have a Tumblr do you?
    13. FuzzyBlueElg
      Hey hero.

      Just FYI you can delete posts yourself. It's near the top of the edit post screen
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