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  • *hides behind him some food stolen from your fridge* :D
    Fairy Tail! It's getting popular for many people here eh? What's go great about it? (I'm asking too see if I should give it a try) Haha! You like good stuff too, great! *devilishly laughs*
    :O really? I though you guys made something reasonable. Well, at least you know how to make some bucks with those designs, hope you get enough for living.
    Yeah! Not only Japanese ones, many people, especially in US, are creating good quality ones.
    Here you go, a couple of sites where you can download free RPG's:
    http://vgperson.com/games/ (check the horror games, they are awesome!!)
    Coaching (for me) is 10% teaching tactics and 90% shouting at people because they forgot them! :P
    Viola is the first gym leader from the X and Y games. She specializes in bug-type Pokémon. That dress she's wearing isn't her regular clothing. The animators had her dress up specifically for that episode.
    Just watch ma'am.. ROAR! *lion mane and claws and tail, wearing a Eneti mask and grow huge muscles and lifts 30 tons of metal*
    Thanks, lol. (Same here! XD)
    Anime? Like which ones? Tbh Pokémon is the only mild anime I like because I started playing it first. I like dark themes (Helsing, Death Note, etc) MMO's? I wish I had the time to play'em. I know how you feel, finding stable friends to play them is so hard :s Oh!!! You do paid work? I guess doing go must be giving you some significant $$, I knew another girl here who did it and was happy doing it! Do you sell t-shirt designs? How does that work? :eek:
    Well, for now I'm just playing Japanese Horror RPG's (the perfect solution when you don't have money and enjoy non-mainstream gaming) :p Of course I have other hobbies buy they're not "funny" except eventual soccer coaching
    She's one of the most attractive women in Pokémon IMO. Viola's another one. Check out Viola's backside. :)

    Hehe, no problem! It happened the same to me :p
    I'm good. (Hope not to write anything that targets your remaining 0.01% lol)
    First question: what are you into? Gaming? Anime? Fan art?
    Oh! Hi there! Thanks for accepting my FR. How're ya?
    I liked your intro in the newbie thread. Good to know you don't bite :p
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