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    Heel goed, ik ben blij dat ik eens Nederlands kan praten met iemand, heb jij hobby's?:)
    It's okay. I haven't logged in in months. :x I've been okay. I graduated high school. You?
    Ey cool, een Nederlandse trainer! Weet jij of die club voor Nederlandse Pokémon trainers nog bestaat? Anders moet ik er zelf maar eentje oprichten... :p

    Oh ja, aangenaam kennismaken trouwens. The name's Buuz. Afgeleid van Majin Buu en het Engelse woord voor drank, booze. :p
    Happy New Year. Yeah, I've been busy with both real life and the Pokemon world but everything going all good for me. Thanks for eventually replying: my Friend Code is: 1435 - 4013 - 1487.
    Sorry for my late response - I've been busy studying but I'm glad you're still more or less the same since we last met about 5 years ago
    You remember me? I signed up since 2008 & you wanted to add me since I was new...
    5 years now, How have you been lately? you still play pokemon competitively?
    You're a little behind the times- I never actually found Celebi on that route, I had merely lied about it years and years ago. I've admitted to it, had to have been at least a year ago. That said, I don't think the glitch has ever been definitively disproven, so I wish you luck.
    They recently had one for sale in my local nerd shop, but by the time I saved up, sold. Dam! *shakes fist*
    Honestly, I like everything he's in XD
    Mmmmmm, autograph.....
    Ohh, that is a hard one. I've gotta cut it down to a few though:

    The Girl in the Fireplace
    Partners in Crime
    The Ambassadors of Death
    The Space Pirates
    The Mysterious Planet
    Bad Wolf
    The Green Death
    and The Doctor's Wife

    *yes, this is totally a few*What about yours? n_n
    I'm alright, just a little sore.

    Sounds like you had a good time, it's a shame we don't have anything like that here.
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