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  • I'm not too bad, sorry for the late reply but i've been getting a few things sorted out.

    I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and the insurance company has only just sorted out a medical check for me :(

    I used to have a Charmander but i sent it to Harryheart.

    I want your Sceptile :(
    I love the Zekrom/Scolipede fuison, the blue marks on Scolipede's sides makes me drool xD
    also the Kirlia one is really cool ^^
    I am warning you that this post and any others like it found in the Fan Sprites section are now being reported as spam, and will be deleted by a moderator in that section. Failure to end said spamming will result in infraction points. Don't look at me, it's the mods of that specific subforum that you should talk to if this seems harsh. There is a sticky in that section regarding proper posting. The Fan Sprites section is not for postcount +1. Start treating it that way.
    Oh wow! A Sceptile plush? Is it one of those tiny, chibi ones that's all chubby and squished up, or is it something else? Anyway, I'm glad you were able to find something you've been looking for.
    Hi there, Solar Sceptile! I'm okay, just finished the last of my schoolwork for the time being. And how are you? ^_^
    there is currently Squeaky, who is the sweetest (and preggy), Tiger (Just had kittens and is squeaky's Twin) and Charcoal. Charcoal is very friendly to people though, he is a male
    That's true there is the mean tank too =P
    I'm just getting a few toons to 85 and I'll decide what I want to play in MoP haha
    We have a kinda neighborhood cats. Every one feeds, no one calls animal control... They are the sweetest since they were raised outside but have had contact with us for ever
    Back in Wrath I was Blood when it was DPS. It loved it so much. Now I regret taking it for granted since it can only tank now. It makes me sad.
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