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  • Wish I knew you were looking, I might have been able to find it for cheaper for you

    I saw your signiture.So far I've only found 2 shinies accidentaly in Unova.HOW DID YOU FIND ALL THOSE UNOVA SHINIES???!!
    I deleted my FB because I didn't need the ppl I had on there bothering me. Obviously you weren't one of those people lol. I haven't been able to play video games ever since this year of college started :/ hope things have been more fun for you!
    Aw lucky! haha :) I think my first shiny was a Remoraid in Diamond! I was so happy when I saw it! Haha :) Of course not counting the red Gyarados in Silver haha.

    Aw how mean! ): Well swimming for fun is fun too! :p I love swimming, competitively and for fun. But at school I love swimming a lot on the swim team. We swim so many laps! Haha! I swim long distance! :p

    We are doing On the Town! Look it up, it's an awesome play :)
    Shiny Arons are awesome. I feel bad I knocked it out D: I was training at the time. I didn't even KNOW about shiny Pokemon! haha :)

    I almost drowned when I was like extremly little like 1 or 2. I fell in the pool and my dad was ,owing the lawn, but he saw me, ran and jumped in and saved me :)
    And it is! i don't have rehearsal tonight lol :p
    Really? I used to be nervous but my nerves go away. I just get adrenaline haha lol :)

    I've always loved swimming since I was little! I remember taking lessons at like age 3 haha! :)

    It went great! And this Thursday I have rehearsal from 8-10 PM... but I have swim practice also earlier! no time to do homework lol haha!:)
    I've been on stage quite a bit... so I don't really get nervous anymore. I've been in dance performances before, so they've helped my nerves. I'm excited for my school's musical and dance show! They're all next month :) hehe.

    I love swimming! It's my favorite sport, and the only one I'm good at. :p I'm on my school's varsity team. It's really fun, I started doing swim here at my school as a sophomore. I did swimming back in elementary school though, for like 3 years.

    Thanks! You too! :)
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