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  • I'll have to download swap note I haven't done that yet. Where is my friend code on 3DS? Sure I'd give it to you if I knew how lol
    Haha I remember you telling me how much you love chocolate before that's cute :)
    Aww thank you well I get bored alot even if I have a lot going on so I could probably talk to you more :p
    I got a 3DS and star fox with it. I got some other really cool stuff too though that I didn't expect. Currently I'm bored out of my mind a day after Christmas though :(
    Just kinda down because I can't spend my vacation with anybody I wanted too. My mom and dad went right back to work, my sister just doesn't think I'm cool lol, and my guy friend got a girl friend... I've tried to make new friends but :'( idk what it is I'm quite the catch haha
    Merry Christmas! :) thank you for all the wishes you are so sweet!
    I hope your Christ as is as magical as it should be
    aww thats cute. I would love to throw snowballs right about now but i just heard on the news all the snow we were supposed to get isnt going to happen because the storm is moving a different direction :/
    Oh well good luck it's always tough when it comes down to the wire especially when your hunting specific gifts.
    Do you just feel crappy because of the weather? It has been strangely warm here and the temperature finally dropped somewhat but yeah it's been raining all the time! It's just turning everything muddy. I would rather see it snow honestly.
    Aww I hope you have an excellent holiday too!
    Yeah I hope to talk to you soon too :)
    Yeah I'll probably give it a chance who knows I may love it!

    I'm doing really good. I have all my Christmas presents wrapped and ready to give, I HAVE ABS AGAIN :D, and yeah I've just been doing well.
    I'm honestly not to sure. It does look like an intriguing concept. I hope it is not mystery dungeon with people though.. I played MD for awhile and dont get me wrong it was decent but I just don't want to see it mirror that series.
    I'm not to big on rpg. If I had somebody that was willing to give me the advice patience and encouragement on one though I'm sure I'd change my tune. I get easily frustrated without a partner in crime!
    I've been working out and getting all muscly again! :D
    I came out of a minor depression so that's good and I just or into Pokemon again!!
    Haha cute. Yeah I'm still doing good I hopped on I've to your profile the other day and noticed you and Darato talking. I didn't read anything but I certainly hope you're doing okay too! :) happy holidays
    Thunder stoned was a Pokemon joke... I was telling you what was going on while simultaneously trying to make you laugh.

    Didn't work did it? :(
    Pretty good thanks for asking. :)
    I've finally achieved some level of zen in my life and evolved as a person. The best part is I didn't even get thunderstoned to do it lol
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